Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Riverboat Days are history!

Another Riverboat Days is over.  Great weather, not too hot and a nice breeze.  Nick, Laura Beth, and boys were camped by us.  Ahhhhh!

Here's a picture of modern camping!  The boys were playing on their tablets while parents were setting up their camper.  Easy way to keep them busy in one spot! 

There was a UFO finish this weekend!  Cozy Cabins--

Karla is hidden behind it!  Thank you Karla for holding my quilts!  Most the strips came from a box Lorri2Rs had bought.  It was a free pattern--Cozy Cabins.  Very quick and easy.  90x100" and used 17 yards of stash.  

Stash Report
Added this week--00.00 yds
Add YTD 128.80 yds
Out this week--17yds
Out YTD 199.25
I'm ahead 70.45 yards! 
I'm linking to Oh Scrap, Moving it Forward, and Monday Making.  

Earlier this summer I found a clematis on clearance, no tag on it.  A little TLC and its blooming--
The flower is about the size of my palm and I've unsure which variety it is.  I'm leaning towards the Niobe but the color is more red, so maybe a Rebecca?  Consistently six petals of a very bright red/purple.  If you know please tell me.  
~Lori1R in Nebraska~

A Safety Issue

Last week I was getting ready to leave Walmart.  They have stop signs and pedestrian crossings by each big entrance.  I watched in disbelief as a semi pulled around the corner, turned down the road in front of the building gaining speed, upshifting through the stop sign and crosswalk!  Never stopped, only gained speed.  This was Thursday at 12:45pm.  Very busy, school shoppers and Riverboat Days in Yankton.  The town is FULL of people! I happened to be heading in the same direction and caught up with the semi a few blocks away where it was backed up doing a delivery.  I stopped to take pictures of the truck and drivers, the license plate and truck #.  When I got home I called the Omaha Office of Reinhart Food Service

The gentleman I spoke with assured me he would find out which office the truck was based out of, and someone would call me back.  So far, no phone calls.  Since Walmart has security video, I would suggest they contact Walmart--I am not a cranky old woman who called to complain about a trivial thing.  

Pedestrian crossings are important.  I especially think of children, the elderly, the handicapped.  Maybe I didn't get much of a response to this incident, but if you don't complain--nothing is ever done! 

~Lori1R in Nebraska~

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Wednesday Puttering

Not much blogworthy here.  Yesterday afternoon we had a sudden downpour.  I was driving and decided to pull over--

I had a safe place to pull off the road, couldn't see a thing.  We've had LOTS of rain this summer.  It makes for happy flowers, Grandpa Ott and Heavenly Blue--

 And happy tomatoes--

My tomatoes are in large pots on top a picnic table.  I only have five plants but they will supply me with plenty to eat fresh and to share. 

The native flowers are blooming, these are Mentzelia decapetala or Ten Petal Blazing Star.

The plants are unimpressive, rather spindly and with frowzy leaves.  But the flowers are large and lush, opening in the evenings.  They grow where the soil has been disturbed, these are growing where trees have been cut up and the bulldozer moved them.  I plan to pick the seeds this fall and start some for the Native Prairie Garden at the Visitor Center.

This weekend is Riverboat Days, the campgrounds will be full with many vendors and activities planned at Riverside Park. Laura Beth, Nick, and the boys will be camping next to me.  FUN FUN FUN!! 

The only sewing I'm done has been binding.   This week is volunteering, campground gate work, and family.  

~Lori1R in Nebraska~

Monday, August 6, 2018

Summer Just Keeps Rolling along

Summer just keeps rolling along.  Very little sewing being done except for binding.  This year I planted seeds in my flower beds.  The Grandpa Ott Morning Glory plants are blooming their hearts out--

The flowers are a luminous blue/purple color and vigorous growers.  If you have a fence to cover or a trellis that is unused consider planting Morning Glorys.  

Perfect weather today, we had rain yesterday and last night, but the sun is shining now.

~Lori1R in Nebraska~    

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Look Before You Eat

I love potato chips.  Saturday night I opened a new bag and reading when I felt something that was NOT supposed to be in the bag--


A glove.  An ENTIRE work glove!  I contacted the company and will let you know what they say.  Ken and Randy laughed and suggested I buy another bag and see if I can find the right hand one to make a pair.  From now on I will inspect the contents of a bag when I open it.  But I may not eat potato chips for quite a while.

Not much sewing being done, binding is slow going.  My right arm still giving me fits but its better.  

The weather has been glorious!  Almost perfect--not real hot, sunny with a gentle breeze.  

~Lori1R in Nebraska~

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Tuesday Update

I have a finish!  Fall in the City, 88x90"--

I'm guessing it used 15 yards of fabric from my stash.  Mostly red, blue and gray prints from a jelly roll. It was a free pattern from Connecting Threads.   So the new numbers are-

Stash Report
Added this week--00.00 yds
Add YTD 128.80 yds
Out this week--15yds
Out YTD 182.25
I'm ahead 53.45 yards! 

No plans for this quilt, it will go on the "possible gift" stack.

And then there is the man holding the quilt--

Don is another volunteer and often holds quilts for pictures!  Thank you Don!!

The weather is beautiful this week.  I'm going to soak it up and remember it this winter.  The bountiful rains and lots of sun has caused the plants to grow like weeds!  

The big leafy vines are sweet potato vines, the green grassy upright plants are King Tut grasses.  There are flowering vines that needed a place to climb, those are large branches (held up by small steel posts and cable ties) from the debris pile.  $0 government dollars were spent on that trellis!  

Beautiful weather forecast for the entire week.  Plenty of binding projects to work on, maybe I can take one outside to a lawn chair.  

~Lori in Nebraska~

Friday, July 20, 2018

Friday Update

A busy week without much sewing.  Still binding away!  Thursday was busy--had a program outside the visitor center.  So an early morning.  Its July, but it was overcast, cold and windy.  (we were outside).  I had brought a jacket, and Michaela used the deer hide from the program to keep warm.

She said it was very warm.   By afternoon we were back at the Visitor Center.  Late afternoon a friendly face strolled up the sidewalk--Lorri2Rs!  She had been to Crazy Days where she lives and brought two large sacks of mens shirts to debone for quilts.

The weather was beautiful, we sat outside at the picnic tables to cut them apart.  There must have been at least 20 shirts!  All the threads could be shook on the ground.  A few were Ken's size and we saved them for him to wear.  It was wonderful to see 2Rs and we enjoyed supper out.  Thank you 2Rs!!

There has been more rain since last post, everything is very green.  My tomato plants have produced five tomatoes so far.  The plants are loaded and I'm hoping for a bumper crop.  

Have you made a quilt from shirts before?  

~Lori in Nebraska~


Friday, July 13, 2018

Summer Update

Summer is flying by, the 4th is now a memory.  Laura Beth, Nick and the boys camped next to us from Tuesday until Sunday. 

Grandpa entertained with a snack and cartoons while it was raining.  The fireworks were rescheduled until Thursday nite.  Beautiful weather for fireworks, we enjoyed them immensely!

Unfortunately right before the 4th my convection/microwave oven died.  Yup--totally dead!  A quick trip to Walmart supplied a cheap microwave (you can always use a spare) but one to fit in the camper with a convection oven had to be ordered.  Brady and Ken persevered and an almost perfect fit was achieved.

How does it look?

I immediately baked a brownies from a box mix-

They look a little overdone on the top but were not.   Thank you Brady and Ken!  An oven is a necessity for me.

There's always nature to study at the VC.  This little fella is a Forest Tent Moth 

He matures into this--

This image© is from the internet--you can click on the link to read about them.  They are very common, don't you love the antennae on them?  

And I received a FUN gift from Karla--

Thank you Karla--I love them!  

There's been no sewing.  😢  Still doing exercises and resting my arm.  Instead I read about quilts, admire everyone's pictures, and study patterns.  

Its been very wet here in South Dakota/Nebraska/Iowa area.  Over a two week period we received +15"  of rain.  Last night Ken said we had +5" of rain, here at the camper the gauge read 2.75".  Sigh  I prefer rain to drought.  

What has the weather been like where you're at?  

~Lori in Nebraska~

Monday, June 25, 2018

Design Wall Monday and Stash Report

Over the weekend I finished a quilt--


A Navy Blue Irish Chain, 104" square for 23 yards out.  This is a wedding gift.  From 2010. 

Stash Report
Added this week--00.00 yds
Add YTD 128.80 yds
Out this week--23yds
Out YTD 167.25
I'm ahead 38.45 yards! 
Weekly Goals--

More binding 
That's it.  Its a busy week.  I have several binding projects in the camper.  

Yesterday I did a little cooking--

I started with this basic recipe--


but added carrots, broccoli, sugar snap peas, and some shredded Pepper Jack cheese.  This will be food for the rest of the week. 

Have a great week!

~Lori1R in Nebraska~

Friday, June 22, 2018

Catch Up Friday

Wow, the last two weeks have flown by.  There was the Water Safety Festival with several fun booths--

Cool Hand Tanner!  The cooler is filled with ice water, can you pick up the pennies on the bottom?  This is what happens when you fall in cold water.

I think this is a red tailed hawk.  There were several birds brought in by Royal Gauntlet Birds of Prey from Oklahoma.  They are a research, rescue, and rehabilitation organization.

This was a fun exhibit on making huge bubbles--little kids love it!  Go Mikayla!

Jason is playing the Water Safety Wheel game.

Ashley had just done the Beer Goggles--you try to avoid the water sprinkles while wearing the beer goggles.  Ashley got VERY WET!

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday the boys were camping with the grandparents.

Who needs fancy toys?  Rocks and Grandma's garden tools.

 Outside the Aquarium.

The couch in the camper pulls out into a full size bed.  Room for three little boys!  I put my favorite Bricks & Stepping Stones quilt on it.

 The boys were enjoying banana cream pie.

KEN enjoyed banana cream pie!

No sewing lately, my right arm has been complaining and I had injections, orders to wear my splint, and do exercises.  Sigh

Its been very wet here, Wednesday we had 4.5" of rain and more earlier in the week.  Water releases from Gavins Point have been reduced because flooding downstream.  

~Lori1R in Wet Nebraska~

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Paddlefish Season

June is Paddlefish Archery season here at Gavins Point.  David had two tags (you apply for tags like a deer tag).  He was out on opening day and filled both his tags--

David shot both of his fish from shore, he said running along the shore on the rocks trying to slow the fish down and then pull it in was quite the challenge.  You can see the rocky shoreline in the first picture. 

We checked the record paddlefish size in South Dakota, 127.60 pounds on Lake Sharp.  Here is a Youtube link--

This one was caught by "snagging"--casting a big treble hook out--there is a snagging season and an archery season.

~Lori1R in Nebraska~

Riverboat Days are history!

Another Riverboat Days is over.  Great weather, not too hot and a nice breeze.  Nick, Laura Beth, and boys were camped by us.  Ahhhhh! ...