Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Paddlefish Season

June is Paddlefish Archery season here at Gavins Point.  David had two tags (you apply for tags like a deer tag).  He was out on opening day and filled both his tags--

David shot both of his fish from shore, he said running along the shore on the rocks trying to slow the fish down and then pull it in was quite the challenge.  You can see the rocky shoreline in the first picture. 

We checked the record paddlefish size in South Dakota, 127.60 pounds on Lake Sharp.  Here is a Youtube link--

This one was caught by "snagging"--casting a big treble hook out--there is a snagging season and an archery season.

~Lori1R in Nebraska~

Monday, June 4, 2018

Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

This week I finished putting the Bricks and Stepping Stones blocks in rows--

They are pressed and ready to lay out. 

Yesterday while I was sitting in the recliner procrastinating the phone rang--it was 2Rs.  She was going to road trip and visit me!  YAH!!  I had 20# of chicken half frozen in the sink, she was bringing a sharp knife and offered to cut it up for me.   She brought along another quilter--Donna--and it was such a nice visit.  Not only did she cut up the chicken for me, she sharpened my knives and brought me two quilt magazines!  How lucky am I to have a friend like that!  We had a mini show and tell outside in lawn chairs.  

Weekly Goals--

I'm pretty busy this week.  My only goal with be a little binding and maybe pull out a project box.  I packed at least 10 project boxes in the camper.  I think the blue/green project will be next.

Strange things happen at public campgrounds etc.  Can you guess what this was?

Its what's left of the sprayer nozzle at the fish cleaning station.  Somehow it became detached from the hose and was in the grinder.  I think the old one looked similar to this--

The lesson is--do not get your hand in the grinder!  The ranger turned the elecricity OFF before reaching in.  Not just the on/off switch, he turned the breaker off! 

~Lori1R in Nebraska~

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Blank on Thursday

Its been a busy week.  Just not much sewing.  A Bricks and Stepping Stones project has been worked on but no pictures.  

Volunteering has started, this is where I am most the time--

Sitting at the front desk.  A comfy chair, my laptop, and a phone to the left.  When I walk to the Visitor Center this is my view to the west--

Releasing a little extra water due to snow melt in the Rockies.  Most the time all the water comes through the power plant to produce electricity.

Dyeing fabric is fun!  Liz is adventurous and often does "dye art".  Here is a backing she made--

Liz shared how she did her project.

I started with 5 yards of light beige TOT quilting cotton.
Washed it.
Soaked in soda ash.
Since I had Forest Green and Lemon Yellow as my Procion dyes, that is what I used.
Twice as much yellow to the green was the ratio used.
Fan folded, loosely, the fabric lengthwise and put it into a cramped container.
Poured the mixed dye slowly over the fabric.
After soaking the desired time, squeezed, let it batch for a few days.
Machine washed and dried.
Decided that the undyed areas of beige were too prominent.
Used Pebeo paint extremely watered down with a sponge brush to apply the pale blue to the undyed areas, sloppily.
Because I did not want to change the hand of the fabric, the paint needed to be the viscosity of water.
Let it sit for about a week, heat set with a hot iron, machine wash and dry.
Relish in your efforts and admire the outcome  VBG

Liz's backing turned out so pretty!  I am going to have to try this! 

I'll busy through Saturday so probably not much sewing.

~Lori in Nebraska~

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Back Again

Its been a busy month of May.  At the end of April we helped move my inlaws into a smaller home, one with lawn care and snow removal.  Then began the process of sorting out what was left in the old house.  My FIL had been in frail health (Alzheimers) and had become too weak to walk and been falling.  More than my MIL at 84yo could cope with.  So Ken and his sister helped move him into local nursing home.  That was late Thursday afternoon and on Friday he suddened passed away.  The funeral was on Tuesday, he was 89yo.  We all miss him dearly.  

Ken, Marvin, Laura Beth and Boys

Marvin was a gifted storyteller.  I remember this story started with "when I was a little boy I lived on a farm and had a dog..."  The boys had never seen anyone draw and tell a story like that before.

During this we moved the camper to Nebraska.

Mostly set up and the lilacs are blooming.  Sure makes me feel good to smell them.  

In all this I still managed a little quilting.  

All the tops that I've quilted have bindings sewn to them, I can work on them in the camper.

I'll post more when I have some time.

~Lori1R in Nebraska~

Monday, April 23, 2018

Design Wall Monday-Stash Report-Weekly Goals

Yesterday I worked on an Irish Chain that had stalled since 2006?  2007?  A long time.   Its part of the Irish Chain Challenge and now a finished flimsy--

Not quilted but it is all together!  Blue is not my favorite color to work with, and I think two fabric quilts are boring to make.  But two color quilts are beautiful when finished.  This one is for my daughter--requested before she had three boys and a cat.  I wonder how she'll keep all that white clean??  

I also have a finish--Beach Party--

Beach Party is 76x100".  Its a Nickel Quilts pattern.  Years ago I had participated in a brights 5" charm swap and I used them in this quilt.  The perfect border fabric came from 2Rs stash.  

I found a coordinating stripe for bias binding and made rounded corners because I love how they look. The purple backing was one I dyed.  I estimate this quilt used 16 yards of fabric.  This is an OLD UFO--pre2006. The top languished on a hanger waiting for that perfect border fabric!  Thank you 2Rs!

Stash Report
Added this week--00.00 yds
Add YTD 128.80 yds
Out this week--16yds
Out YTD 144.25
I'm ahead 15.45 yards!
Binding is a favorite part of the quilt process.  I have a binding stash--

Dark bindings are sewn on during the day, lighter ones at night.  Even though I have THREE lights surrounding my chair to aid me, I just can't see the really dark bindings very well.  

Weekly Goals

Quilt Quilt Quilt
Bind Bind Bind

Yes, that's my list for this week.  The Princess and I have a week long date!

~Lori in South Dakota~

Monday, April 16, 2018

Design Wall Monday, Stash Report, Weekly Goals

Last night I finished quilting Cozy Cabins--

Lorri2Rs had a box of strips and I used SOME of them in this quilt!  

This week I also finished quilting the Navy Blue Irish Chain--

These are now on the "need binding made" pile.  

Stash Report
Added this week--25.30 yds
Add YTD 128.80 yds
Out this week--0yds
Out YTD 128.25
Stash is ahead .55 yards!  Pfft!  Hardly enough to even post about!
Thanks to everyone who responded to my question about whether red or blue background should be used--
I agree, the blue makes the red blocks pop.  
Weekly Goals--
Make three bindings
Sew bindings 

Lots more work to do this week!   I'm linking to Small Quilts and Doll Quilts, Monday Making, Oh Scrap, and Em's Scrapbag.
~Lori in South Dakota~

Monday, April 9, 2018

Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

These blocks are on the wall--

19 red blocks and two r/w/b blocks.  A few blocks are hidden down lower.  This quilt was the inspiration--

I made red blocks instead of the dark blue.  So I laid the blocks out on a blue.  But, should I use a red instead?

What do you think?  I'm linking to Small Quilts and Doll Quilts, Monday Making, Oh Scrap, and Moving it Forward.

Today I bought fabric.  A store near me is going out of business, the owner is retiring.  

A stripe, a two purples, a pink, a blue, a brown, some lights, and a red wide backing.  Not pictured (because it was already in the washer) is dark blue/white print wide backing.  Wide backings were $12@yard.  I can dye a wide backing but darker colors are harder to dye so I bought instead. 

The stripe is for a bias binding, this is the border print.  The brown is also for a binding.  I bought colors I need.  Five lights.  So my stash report will have additions next week.  

Weekly Goals--
Quilt Quilt Quilt!!!
Sew Binding
Borders on navy blue Irish chain 
Load #14
Same goals as last week.  I did finish quilting #13.  Whew!  
Its going to be a busy week.  Happy Quilting!
~Lori in South Dakota~

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Rainbow Scrappy Saturday

Been a while since I've posted my RSC efforts.  I made these blocks this week--

All have green or yellow in them.  This quilt by Lynn Roddy Brown is my inspiration--

Orange Blossom Special.  My blocks are made using 5" charms, two light and two dark.  It will become a long term fun project.  Please see what everyone else is working on at SoScrappy.  

~Lori in South Dakota~

Monday, April 2, 2018

Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Last night I made these blocks--

I am considering making a QOV with them.  Right now they are relaxing piecing.  Please see what everyone is working on at Small Quilts and Doll Quilts, Monday Making, Quilting is More Fun than Housework, and Moving It Forward.

Weekly Goals--
Quilt Quilt Quilt!!!
Sew Binding
#13 is on the Princess, thread is laid out.  I will start quilting on it later.  The YoYo project is down to the last 39 YoYos. (Total YoYos 2,752)  Then its just sewing several blocks to the partially set together quilt.  I pulled fabric for a binding, just need to figure out how many inches I need.  That is #1 priority for today.  My guild has a UFO challenge, and #3 pulled for March is Quarter Log Cabins.  Guild meeting is April 12th.  

~Lori in South Dakota~

Monday, March 26, 2018

Stash Report and Weekly Goals

This week I had some finishes--

Gold Double Square Star--Pattern free from Missouri Star.  78x91", it used 8 yards for the front and binding, the backing was supplied by Judy B in MN.  It will be donated to the boys group home.  2Rs machine sewed the binding.  Thank you Judy and 2Rs!

Next was the Green Dinosaur quilt--

82x92".  The charm squares had dinonaurs and I added a few more charms I thought blended with them.  The solid lime green came from 2Rs stash, I supplied the border and binding.  The backing came from Judy B in MN.  2Rs machine sewed the binding.  Thank you JudyB and 2Rs!  A true team  effort!  I'm guessing I supplied 4 yards.  

This week Judy B's quilt was finished--

Deer, moose, bear, wolves--all sorts of wildlife.  A perfect boy quilt!  72x88".  Judy also supplied the backing--I supplied the binding and 2Rs sewed it on!  So only 3/4 yd of stash used.  Total stash used 12.75 yards.  I bought 6 yards for backing.  New stash numbers are--

Added this week--6.00 yds
Add YTD 103.50 yds
Out this week--12.75yds
Out YTD 128.25

I'm ahead 22.75 yds!

Weekly Goals--

Quilt Quilt Quilt!!!
Sew Binding

That's my plans for this week.  

~Lori in South Dakota~

A Road Trip

Lorri2Rs came to my house on Tuesday the 13th.  She came to shop and sew bindings for me.  She sewed SEVEN bindings!  YEAH!!!  We planned to leave for Nebraska on Friday, but the weather was going to be ice/sleet/snow so we left on Thursday.  We did some shopping along the way and made it to Dee's Thursday night.  Friday we shopped Goodwill and generally did not much of anything!  Saturday we picked up Rita and headed to the International Quilt Museum in Lincoln NE.  It was National Quilting Day and St. Patrick's Day.  We donned all the green we could find!  

 We had lots of fun!  I especially enjoyed the Ken Burns exhibition--

Ken Burns has several blue/white quilts.  I love blue/white quilts, I just hate MAKING blue/white quilts!  These pictures prove I will not spontaneously combust from two color blue/white quilts!  There was a special workshop on string quilts--

We got home early and relaxed by doing hand sewing--

We admired an antique Appalacian quilt Dee inherited--

A blue/white quilt!  9 patches set on point.  It was gorgeous!  Dee has been cleaning her stash and a whole tote of treasures went home with us.  This is what I kept--

It will not go on my stash report, I only report fabric I pay for!  Thank you Dee, I know I can find something to use it in!

Did you do anything special for National Quilting Day?

~Lori in South Dakota~

Paddlefish Season

June is Paddlefish Archery season here at Gavins Point.  David had two tags (you apply for tags like a deer tag).  He was out on opening da...