Saturday, February 29, 2020

RSC Saturday

Four more Churn Dash blocks were made from scraps--

There was a small scrap attack this week, I was clearing a section of the big cutting table to set the GO on.  Scraps were tossed into a Priority Mail box with the flaps taped UP and it was overflowing.  I'm linking with SoScrappy.  Have a good week!

Lori1R in South Dakota

Monday, February 24, 2020

Weekly Goals

Let's try again, I did NONE of last weeks goals!

Quilt Honeycomb
Beaded Lantern
Cut bindings

Last week I was sidelined by a fibro flareup and then I spent Thur-Fri-Sat at the grands.  Nick was gone for work so I helped Laura Beth with the boys.  

The boys were very good while I babysat.  Here are Max and Asher sharing their blankets while watching a movie.

Grandma had time to make breakfast for them before school and daycare--I used the handy dandy corn dog maker to cook breakfast sausages in pancake batter. YUM!!  Pancakes/sausages that are finger food to dip in syrup!  

2Rs and I met and did a little shopping, I bought 1 yd cuts of these reproduction fabrics, a pink paisley, a plum, and a teal.  

I can hardly wait for summer, Ken and I found this at Menards for $25--

A complete bird feeding station.  A 7ft pole with the five feeders you see.  It will need additional support (the small legs at the bottom will NOT hold 5 full feeders) so will use slim rounded electric fence posts pounded deep and secured with black duck tape.  Not a lot of duck tape, as the raccoons will try to climb it to reach the feeders, and if you use too much tape it makes toe holds for their feet.  I may try a PVC pipe around the pole to deter the climbing critters. There are always a few casualties to my bird feeders each year.  A little cooking--

Swedish meatballs in gravy over rice.  I put 4 baggies of large meatballs in the freezer.  6-8 meatballs (they were bigger than the ones above) will average 1# of meatballs.  

It has warmed up, I am almost thawed.  Spring is coming!!

Lori1R in South Dakota

Monday, February 17, 2020

Weekly Goals

Time to set weekly goals--

Quilt Honeycomb
Beaded Lantern
Cut bindings

Already its a busy week.  Last week's goals made progress but no finishes.  A few pics--

Some of the Snail Trail blocks for Shakespeare in the Park.  Honeycomb is half quilted--

Its 113" to the other side.  I swear I'm quilting something the size of a football field.  I'm linking up with Monday Making, Design Wall Monday, and Oh Scrap.  

Have a good week!

Lori1R in South Dakota

Saturday, February 15, 2020

RSC Saturday--Catch Up

This week I played catch up.  I made green and orange Churn Dash blocks--
Green Blocks
Orange Blocks
These went together easy peasy, I cut them from chunks with the Accuquilt 9" Monkey Wrench die.  A couple of those chunks came from the *ahem* floor of the She Shed.  Scrappy quilts are my favorite--there are no "rules".  If you look there is a Christmas fabric, a batik, a Civil War repro, brights, and a baby novelty with giraffes on it.  They all play together nicely.  Don't worry about picking fabrics that they "might" not go together.  Those bright zinger fabrics might stick out if there are only one or two of them.  Add a few more--they become "normal".  Please see what everyone is working on at SoScrappy.

We survived the polar blast this week, and its going to be a warm weekend.  What will you be doing?  I'm going to sew!

Lori1R in South Dakota

Monday, February 10, 2020

Weekly Goals

Weekly Goals help me stay focused.  This week they are--

1)  Quilt--I loaded Honeycomb before I left
2)  SITP--Shakespeare in the Park
3)  Beads
4)  Beaded Lanterns

Shakespeare in the Park is a Judy Martin pattern, the link will take you to the photo gallery, scroll down to the Shakespeare in the Park pictures.   Beads is a free pattern from Jordan Fabrics, I'm making mine with Civil War Reproductions.  Beaded Lanterns is a free pattern from Benartex using two batik jelly rolls bought cheaply last year.

We also attended a wrestling tournament.  Asher is eight years old and won a 5th place medal.  It was hilarious watching the smallest wrestlers!  Obviously some of their "wrestling moves" came from wrestling with their siblings!  Matches were stopped for hair pulling, kicking, and head bashing.  

After Christmas I bought amaryllis bulbs on sale.  This is the 2nd one to bloom.

The variety is called "Fiero".  I'm beat from retreat, no sewing today.  Maybe tomorrow!
Lori1R in South Dakota 

Quilt Retreat

Last week I attended a quilt retreat in Nebraska.  I had so much fun!  Here are a few pictures--
Car was full
Our Sewing Room
The Hallway
Lorri2Rs and Dee
Beaded Lanterns
Retreat Purchases
The car was full.  50 quilters attended the retreat.  The room was perfect!  We used just part of the retreat center--we walked this hall to our meeting room.  On the right were meeting rooms, on the left numerous alcoves with comfy chairs, coffee tables, lamps, and huge windows overlooking a frozen lake.  Imagine  the right side of the hallway floor as a huge design wall.  MANY quilts were laid out to work on.  We did not have to pick them up each day, they remained there!  I attended the retreat with Lorri2Rs and Dee from Nebraska.  One of the projects I worked on was Beaded Lanterns, I worked on it until I ran out of background and 2.5" strips.  That's ok, I had more at home.  Two local quilt shops gave retreat goers a $10 coupon and a 20% off coupon.  I happily supported them!  

Lori1R in South Dakota

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