Monday, March 26, 2018

Stash Report and Weekly Goals

This week I had some finishes--

Gold Double Square Star--Pattern free from Missouri Star.  78x91", it used 8 yards for the front and binding, the backing was supplied by Judy B in MN.  It will be donated to the boys group home.  2Rs machine sewed the binding.  Thank you Judy and 2Rs!

Next was the Green Dinosaur quilt--

82x92".  The charm squares had dinonaurs and I added a few more charms I thought blended with them.  The solid lime green came from 2Rs stash, I supplied the border and binding.  The backing came from Judy B in MN.  2Rs machine sewed the binding.  Thank you JudyB and 2Rs!  A true team  effort!  I'm guessing I supplied 4 yards.  

This week Judy B's quilt was finished--

Deer, moose, bear, wolves--all sorts of wildlife.  A perfect boy quilt!  72x88".  Judy also supplied the backing--I supplied the binding and 2Rs sewed it on!  So only 3/4 yd of stash used.  Total stash used 12.75 yards.  I bought 6 yards for backing.  New stash numbers are--

Added this week--6.00 yds
Add YTD 103.50 yds
Out this week--12.75yds
Out YTD 128.25

I'm ahead 22.75 yds!

Weekly Goals--

Quilt Quilt Quilt!!!
Sew Binding

That's my plans for this week.  

~Lori in South Dakota~

A Road Trip

Lorri2Rs came to my house on Tuesday the 13th.  She came to shop and sew bindings for me.  She sewed SEVEN bindings!  YEAH!!!  We planned to leave for Nebraska on Friday, but the weather was going to be ice/sleet/snow so we left on Thursday.  We did some shopping along the way and made it to Dee's Thursday night.  Friday we shopped Goodwill and generally did not much of anything!  Saturday we picked up Rita and headed to the International Quilt Museum in Lincoln NE.  It was National Quilting Day and St. Patrick's Day.  We donned all the green we could find!  

 We had lots of fun!  I especially enjoyed the Ken Burns exhibition--

Ken Burns has several blue/white quilts.  I love blue/white quilts, I just hate MAKING blue/white quilts!  These pictures prove I will not spontaneously combust from two color blue/white quilts!  There was a special workshop on string quilts--

We got home early and relaxed by doing hand sewing--

We admired an antique Appalacian quilt Dee inherited--

A blue/white quilt!  9 patches set on point.  It was gorgeous!  Dee has been cleaning her stash and a whole tote of treasures went home with us.  This is what I kept--

It will not go on my stash report, I only report fabric I pay for!  Thank you Dee, I know I can find something to use it in!

Did you do anything special for National Quilting Day?

~Lori in South Dakota~

Monday, March 19, 2018

Design Wall Monday, Stash Report, Weekly Goals

This week I had some finishes.  I'm saying Barn Dance is OFF the design wall (and the couch)!!

This was a free pattern for a Quilt-A-Long by Denise Russart.  100x100"--I'll estimate 24 yards from stash.  Its made with whatever I found in my stash.

I finished Granny's Orange Strippy for me--

Its 30's fabrics paired with solid orange/melon/salmon fabric. 88x94".   Darlene Zimmerman pattern.  This used 15 yards of stash.

Next is Liz's Red/Blue quilt--

This quilt was made by Liz B, I added a small red side border, binding, and quilting.  The backing was donated by Judy B in MN.  75x92".  2 yards from my stash.

Next is a Judy B in MN quilt--

70x90".  Judy B made the top and supplied the backing.  I quilted it and furnished the binding for .75 yards.  

Thank you to everyone who helped with these finishes.  Liz, Judy B (who supplies me with tops AND many backings), and Lorri2Rs who did machine binding this week.  

I also finished the blue 30's strippy (15.50 yards)--total stash used was 57.25 yards.  But last week I added 43 yards! 

Added this week--43.00 yds
Add YTD 97.50 yds
Out this week--57.25yds
Out YTD 115.50

I'm ahead 18 yds!
I'm OK with my stash report, I have more finishes to report once I get pictures. 
Weekly Goals--
Quilt three Tops
More YoYos
Sew More Binding
Sew More 9 Patches Together
Sew Green Glass blocks together
These will be my goals for this week.   I'm linking with Oh Scrap, Monday Making, Small Quilts and Doll Quilts, and Em's Scrapbag

~Lori in South Dakota~

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Week in Review /Weekly Goals

Its been busy this week.  First last weeks goals--

Quilt a Boy Top--Yes
More YoYos--Yes
Sew More Binding--Yes
Sew More 9 Patches Together--No
Sew Green Glass blocks together--A Few

Saturday we visited the grandsons and parents.  I had finished a quilt for Grandson #2--

Its a pattern by Darlene Zimmerman called "Grandma's Strippy Quilt".  75x85"  Its made using 30s reproduction fabrics.  Each Grandson gets a "big boy quilt" when he moves to a "big boy bed".  

Asher loves the flannel backing.  The monsters are so cute and cheerful!  I made a pillowcase from the leftover backing and a blue hand dye, there is none of the blue background fabric left from the quilt.  This quilt used 15.50 yards plus another yard for the pillowcase.  A stash reduction of 16.50 yards. 

Neither Laura Beth or Nick does much sewing.  Nick tore the leg on his old jeans but he fixed them--

Its at the bottom of the leg so no wires digging into sensitive parts!  While we were gone there was a nasty blizzard, not bad in Harrisburg where the kids live, but the entire SD Interstate system was closed.  Any roads we had to take home were closed and no travel advised.   The kids didn't have school so we were able to have an extra day with them.  Much more snow at our house.  We came home to this--
Ken used the snowblower to get his pickup out and clear a path to the house.  Then he used the tractor/loader to move the rest of the snow.  Its wet and doesn't blow very well.  
Lorri2Rs sent me a "treat" in the mail--
Seasoning she used on a roast that was very tasty, some sew on patches about quilting/quilters, a magazine so I'm not bored, (I'm always reading her magazines), and COFFEE NUT M&Ms!  Although the package says "sharing size" I didn't share it with ANYONE!  Thank you 2Rs!

Weekly Goals--
Quilt three tops
Sew more Green Glass blocks together
Work on Binding
Work on YoYo project
That's what I'll be working on this week.  Just plodding along.
~Lori in South Dakota at the Workhouse on the Prairie~  

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