Thursday, March 8, 2018

Week in Review /Weekly Goals

Its been busy this week.  First last weeks goals--

Quilt a Boy Top--Yes
More YoYos--Yes
Sew More Binding--Yes
Sew More 9 Patches Together--No
Sew Green Glass blocks together--A Few

Saturday we visited the grandsons and parents.  I had finished a quilt for Grandson #2--

Its a pattern by Darlene Zimmerman called "Grandma's Strippy Quilt".  75x85"  Its made using 30s reproduction fabrics.  Each Grandson gets a "big boy quilt" when he moves to a "big boy bed".  

Asher loves the flannel backing.  The monsters are so cute and cheerful!  I made a pillowcase from the leftover backing and a blue hand dye, there is none of the blue background fabric left from the quilt.  This quilt used 15.50 yards plus another yard for the pillowcase.  A stash reduction of 16.50 yards. 

Neither Laura Beth or Nick does much sewing.  Nick tore the leg on his old jeans but he fixed them--

Its at the bottom of the leg so no wires digging into sensitive parts!  While we were gone there was a nasty blizzard, not bad in Harrisburg where the kids live, but the entire SD Interstate system was closed.  Any roads we had to take home were closed and no travel advised.   The kids didn't have school so we were able to have an extra day with them.  Much more snow at our house.  We came home to this--
Ken used the snowblower to get his pickup out and clear a path to the house.  Then he used the tractor/loader to move the rest of the snow.  Its wet and doesn't blow very well.  
Lorri2Rs sent me a "treat" in the mail--
Seasoning she used on a roast that was very tasty, some sew on patches about quilting/quilters, a magazine so I'm not bored, (I'm always reading her magazines), and COFFEE NUT M&Ms!  Although the package says "sharing size" I didn't share it with ANYONE!  Thank you 2Rs!

Weekly Goals--
Quilt three tops
Sew more Green Glass blocks together
Work on Binding
Work on YoYo project
That's what I'll be working on this week.  Just plodding along.
~Lori in South Dakota at the Workhouse on the Prairie~  


Suzanne said...

Nice quilt finish for your grandson...lots of snow!

Sara said...

We were in Sioux Falls for the Summit League basketball tournament during that blizzard. God bless our neighbor who cleaned out our driveway for us before we came home.

The backing on the quilt was obviously a perfect choice! He looks like a pretty happy boy!

Tired Teacher said...

Spring snows are heavy and hard to move. I'm glad you got home safely.

Alycia said...

What a fun week! Glad you got to have an extra day with the kids and stay safe ;-)

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I hear we have a chance of a little snow late tonight...will it ever end?

I envy all the quilting you get done. I spent the week getting an almost DOA computer back to working. Still downloading from my online backup, but almost back to normal. All it takes is research, trial & error, 2 or 3 false starts for every process....and time, lots of time, to get the job done. :)

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