Monday, February 26, 2018

Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

These blocks are still on the design wall--

Every day I try to sew a few more blocks together.  But I've been busy doing this--

Quilting!  I'm in a quilting marathon.  This quilt is Double Square Star pattern by Missouri Star (top #4 in the marathon).  There are lots of tops to be quilted before I start volunteering this summer.  If I quilt three per week I will catch up.  Impossible?  Maybe.  But I'll give it my best.  Unfortunately that means piecing time will be scarce.  But piecing keeps me sane so I'll fit some in between quilting.  

Did I tell you I've started a new online club?  You're invited to join!  Its the VAA club!  Velcro Asses Anonymous--its when my butt is stuck to the recliner and I can't get up!  Usually I drink coffee and do handwork.  Here is my current project--

I pin YoYos to my recliner and work on them during VAA meetings.  VAA meetings are any time.  Some days I have lots of VAA meetings.  

 Weekly Goals--

Quilt a Boy Top
More YoYos
Sew More Binding
Sew More 9 Patches Together 
Sew Green Glass blocks together
Same goals as last week.   I'm linking with Small Quilts and Doll Quilts and LoveLaughQuilt.  

~Lori in South Dakota~


Suzanne said...

Ha Ha...I am definitely a member of the VAA! I really like the star block top you are quilting. I have not seen the pattern before....

Cathy said...

VAA? I'm a member in good, I mean good sitting. I had no idea you were a member. Small world!

Good luck on that quilting!

Sara said...

I'm a long time member of the VAA club! Especially lately it seems.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Did you mention this club before? Sounds familiar. Anyway, I'm a dedicated member. :) Too bad I don't like handwork, but reading or searching for genealogy works too. All those old newspapers that are being digitized and put online have sent me down a rabbit hole.

Mary Johnson said...

VAA sounds like my knitting time. Piecing also keeps me sane. My perfect balance is half quilting and half piecing and I’ve been a lot closer to that over the last few years.

Julia said...

I'll join .... my recliner does not allow for handwork, just reading or TV watching!!

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