Friday, September 6, 2019

Catching Up

A lot of life has happened in the last few weeks.  Ken's mother died.  

The last few years were hard for her.  She took care of her husband who had Alzheimers.  After he died she did okay for a while, but gradually her health deteriorated.  She moved from her house to a duplex, to an assisted living, to rehab facility, to nursing home.  Ken's sister Jo says she died of a broken heart, she missed Marvin terribly. She was 85yo and they were married 63 years. 

Ken and I got new phones.  Somehow in all the switching my August photos were lost.  We had taken family pictures after the funeral as everyone was there.  (I hope Jo has some to share with me.)  First I chose a Motorola phone, it was nice but I wanted a better camera.  I switched it out for a Samsung A50.  Here is the first picture we really noticed the difference in the photo quality--

We noticed the detail on the coin and on the tiny bat skull.  Capturing photo details on small shiny objects is hard.  Today we took pictures of a cicada--

Note the detail in the pic, the color was exceptional, we had not noticed how "green" he was until we saw the photo.  (He's on my hand.) Even his eyes were a shade of green!  Next we moved him to his natural habitat--a dead branch--

See how well he blends in?  Then I took a normal picture--

He has almost disappeared!  I only cropped the pictures, no editing of color.  

Mason and Ken had birthdays, Mason turned 11yo and Ken, well, we didn't put candles on his cake because it was a fire hazard!

During all this Ken and I had bad coughs/colds/sinus infections.  Unfortunately I shared mine with Karla.  I'm sorry Karla!  

I'm happy with my garden in pots--

13 big tomatoes on this big plant--its a Brandywine, an heirloom variety.  The flavor is spectacular, not mushy and flavorless.  A tomato should taste like a tomato!

The Fuchsia plant has some exotic beautiful flowers.

This Canna surprised me in the best way, I had forgotten what color I had planted, love the orange/yellow splashy pattern.  These last three photos required no editing for color/light, all I did was crop and add text.  The A50 camera is that good!

Tomorrow I hope to go to Lorri2Rs and sew a little.  Its time for a break, my soul needs feeding!

The weather is absolutely beautiful.  Its hard to stay inside.

~Lori1R in Nebraska~


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

My sympathies for your family's loss. It does sound like she may have been ready to rejoin her husband.

We have had THE COLD too. Still coughing.

Tomatoes are going gangbusters here too. Canning two batches today & cooking beets for pickling. A big bunch of them are ready to be picked. They will be juice. A bucket of pears are sitting here so will prolly make a pear pie yet today too before they rot if they haven't already.

Hope you got to go to 2R's for some fun. I've hardly touched a sewing machine all summer...just to sew a couple darts in armholes on a dress that were a little to big.

Our oldest granddaughter's wedding was Aug. 24th. Huge crowd, beautiful decorations, excellent meal, 30 min. ceremony....those Lutherans know how to do a wedding. LOL Loud, crowded dance, but quite orderly. Son-in-law said that everybody was having such a good time that the DJ stayed more than an hour extra if you can believe that. Good time was had by all.

Sara said...

My sympathy for your loss. It's hard to watch a dynamic person go downhill so quickly.

Your plants, especially the Canna, are spectacular. Enjoy those tomatoes!

Say hi to your sewing partner from me. And enjoy some refueling of your soul.

Tired Teacher said...

Sorry to hear of your family's loss. Looks like you found a great phone/camera - great photos.

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Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

So sorry for your loss. But wow!! 63 years married! I bet she had some great advice! Your new camera looks pretty cool!!

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