Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Time for weekly goals--

Chop Scraps

I finished 22 more Beads blocks.  As I was counting them I realized I used the wrong background!  ROFL!!  Not a disaster, I can make more blocks.  The two backgrounds are different, they wouldn't blend if I used them together in one quilt.  

Next I decided to work on WITB scraps--

I pressed this many to chop.  The box is still 3/4 full.

There's been a lot of VAA meetings.  Totally unproductive!  I pulled out my YoYo project--

This is still a fun project, I enjoy working on it.  I'm a visual person, I always need a picture/pattern/diagram.

This is my plan for my YoYo blocks.  My yoyos are scrappy but each block has the last round all one fabric to create the visual of a "block".  I'm linking with Love Laugh Quilt, Small Quilts and Doll Quilts, and Quilting is More Fun than Housework.

Covid19 affects everyone.  Slowing the infection rate so our health care system is not overwhelmed is an absolute must.  So we're staying home as much as possible.  We have three packages of toilet paper and plenty of coffee.  We'll be fine.  

Lori1R in South Dakota


Bonnie said...

Ok, you got me what are WITB scraps. I must have some too but don't know what they are. LOL> Your bead blocks look fine to me but if you say the background color is wrong, it must be. Good to find you again ... it seems to me its been years since I've seen those red shoes on an "About Me."

Sara said...

Love that yo-yo project. It will be stunning!! I have to ask too - what is WITB? That's an acronym I'm not familiar with.

I'm enjoying the bead blocks but so far have only made a few each month for RSC. But I think at some point I'll get to impatient and just make lots more.

Rebecca Grace said...

Your yo yos are so cheerful! We have plenty of coffee, too, but my wretched teenage sons do not understand the concept of rationing food. They ate ALL the apples and drank an entire gallon of milk within 2 days of my “stocking up” grocery trip. My fridge isn’t big enough to store enough food to last them more than a couple of days! I have a feeling we’re entering dark times of black coffee and dried beans…

Kate said...

Very fun projects in the works this week. The YoYo blocks are really cute. Happy stitching and stay well.

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