Saturday, March 28, 2020

RSC Saturday and Life Update

Recently I was sorting through the normal chaos of my She Shed and found a sandwich bag of "parts".  Hmmm, after pulling them out I realized they were green Churn Dash blocks, so I happily sewed them up!

I'm linking to So Scrappy.

Recent school closings for Covid19 have included the grandsons.  So the two oldest have been staying with us during the week.  This required some grocery shopping--

A full cart!  Lots of purchases not edible--3 balls, a puzzle, a couple games.  Boys have healthy appetites, we now go through a loaf of bread a day.  Both of their great grandfathers would chuckle to hear that, with Ken's dad saying "at least they're healthy!"  The boys are pretty good, they like to read--

We have a large backyard they can play in.  What boy can resist a STICK!

Mason's shoe was a casualty--

We used duck tape to hold it together for now.  Remember those balls we bought?  If you look carefully you can see one--

WAAAY up there is an orange ball!  Charlie Brown had a kite eating tree, is this a ball eating tree?  Not really, boys were kicking the ball and being young boys had thought it would be fun to kick the ball high in the tree.  But, they hadn't considered that the ball would get stuck!  And using a 2nd ball to attempt to dislodge the 1st now has TWO balls stuck in the tree.

Its a big tree, the balls are probably 30 feet up.  They will stay there until the wind shakes them loose.  I'm betting it won't be in 2020, they are stuck against the trunk of the tree.

A fellow Stashbusters shared this--

I like it!  I can do this!  I have plenty of fabric!  

How are you coping with social distancing?  

Lori1R in South Dakota


Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Like your blocks!!! some of my favorite - ha ha!
And what fun those boys are having!! that makes me laugh about the two balls!! Enjoy your time with them!

Sara said...

Bet those boys keep you busy! We are just keeping to ourselves around here. I've done a little sewing but having trouble focusing on anything for very long - like so many other folks. Just got off a video call with daughter #1 and her family. And I have been reading. Since we both already work from home our work life hasn't changed much.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Oh, goodness!! More mouths to feed? I can see how you might not have too much time to sew! Me? I working my way through several projects, trying to make the most of a bad situation.

Susie H said...

Oh wow! We went through the "balls in the tree" fun when my son was growing up. Sounds like such a good idea until the 2nd one gets stuck too. Hilarious and a great life lesson. We also did the duct tape mend. Must have something to do with boys! Hahaha! Your Shoo Fly blocks look really good and hopefully you'll be able to hole up in the She Shed again soon! Have a great week!

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