Thursday, August 8, 2019


Its butterfly season!  The flowers have been covered with Painted Lady butterflies feeding on nectar--

Painted Lady butterflies are the most common species of butterfly, seen on all continents except Australia and Antarctica.  You can distinguish between an American Lady and a Painted Lady by the "wing spots"--a Painted lady has four and an American Lady has two.  They do not become dormant in winter and are dependent on overwintering in warm climates.  You can read about Painted Lady butterflies here.

Another beautiful butterfly was photographed by Karla outside the Visitor Center--

A Red-Spotted Purple butterfly (I know, they look BLUE).  They are founded in wooded areas and are less abundant than other butterflies.  The color is so vibrant on these butterflies.  Read about them here.

The Visitor Center also has interpretive programs, here is Andrew getting into his role for a Lewis and Clark program--

I'm not sure why but the hat is super small!  Andrew does a great program interacting with all ages of visitors.  Can you imagine wearing the full dress uniform made of wool in August 200 years ago?  Lewis and Clark met with the Yankton Sioux here for a three hour speech.  Hot, sweaty, bugs, lice, and not much soap.  Maybe the smell kept the mosquitoes away?  

~Lori1R in Nebraska~

Monday, August 5, 2019

A New Toy

I had been reading about Corn Dog Makers, studied lots of reviews and recipes.  Then I ordered this one--

Was it going to work?  Would it be a total flop?  Would I regret buying it??

OMG!!  It works perfectly!  No deep frying, no hot oil, just superbly made corn dogs.  They are small corn dogs (you cut a bun length hot dog in half).  Make the batter, roll the hot dogs in flour or corn starch (makes the batter stick better) then dip in a deep glass filled with batter.  Lay them in the tray and bake--probably 5 minutes.  Six perfectly cooked corn dogs!  I brushed the cooking trays with oil/brush in between batches.  It worked so well I made corn dogs for the entire Visitor Staff on Friday!  My plan is to make these with the grandsons.  Little boys armed with sharp sticks, hot dogs, and drippy batter--what could possibly go wrong?  ROFL!!!!  😉  DD said this new nifty appliance has to stay at Grandma's house!  Where's her sense of adventure??  The boys are so impressed with her making them waffles, think how much they would enjoy CORN DOGS!!  

~Lori1R in Nebraska~

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Accuquilt Ohio Star Die

I forgot to include the Ohio Star Die I received in my Ambassador box!

Classic blocks are my favorite, earlier this year I used Dee's die to make a set of blue Ohio Star blocks--

Cutting an entire set of 42 blocks from assorted scraps of blue and white was so easy.  The triangles were all perfectly cut to sew together--no dog ears to trim.  I'm looking forward to using this die to make an Ohio Star quilt using Island Batik fabrics.  Thank you so much Accuquilt for sending me this die.  Accuquilt is an Island Batik Ambassador partner.  My Accuquilt GO makes cutting projects EASY and ACCURATE.  

~Lori1R in Nebraska~

*I was given the Ohio Star die free from Accuquilt*

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Friday Confessions on Saturday

No sewing.  The Dr says I have to rest my arm/shoulder for another 3 weeks.  Rehab exercises and wear my sling.  UGH  Then we'll reassess.  Rotary cutting is out.  Sewing binding by hand is out.  I sewed some 5" squares together (they were precut from my scraps) to do a new method of Uneven 9 Patches or Puss in Corner blocks.  (Made prior to the latest Dr. appt, BAD LORI).

Is it easier?  Faster?  No, but I have a large tote of precut 5" charms cut from scraps. 

I used my pink squares for the July Rainbow Scrappy Challenge.  I'm linking with SoScrappy.    The sewing of these blocks really irritated my arm, but my soul felt better.  Sigh  

I have a new friend--meet Lester--

Lester is a common toad.  He was in front of the Visitor Center one very hot day baking on the concrete.  Andrew caught him and put him in a box, I took him to my campsite and put him in the flower bed.  I'm hoping Lester eats lots of bugs!

My garden in pots is doing well.  Recently we ate the first tomatoes--

There are lots of small tomatoes and flowers, I'm looking forward to eating lots of tomatoes.  The zucchini blossoms are beautiful--

The zucchini plants are covered with blossoms and have lots of zucchini babies. Did you know there are male and female blossoms?  This is a male blossom.  The plant will produce many male blossoms when it begins blooming to attract lots of pollinators.  Here is a picture of both sexes--
(Photo from Pinterest)
You can read about them here.

~Lori1R in Nebraska~

Friday, August 2, 2019

2nd Island Batik Ambassador Box

The 2nd Island Batik Ambassador box has arrived!  Here are the contents--

21 Fat Quarters of various beautiful batiks.  These coordinate with the Mermaid Cove collection below.

A Mermaid Cove Jelly Roll with two yards each of a coordinating light and dark.  There are Mermaids, Octopi, Seaweed, Turtle Shell, and Bubble prints.  8 coordinating half yard cuts of blenders and basics.

I am EXCITED about the Geared Up collection--STEAMPUNK motifs!  Blacks, golds, browns and neutrals.  8 half yard cuts of coordinating blenders and basics, two yards each of a light and a dark.  A Layer Cake of different prints.  Ahhh!  I love the colors!

Island Batik also sends backgrounds--4 yards each of white, black, gray, and vanilla.  Aurifil is a Ambassador partner and included four 1422 yard spools--Bubble Gum pink variegated, Peachy Coral, Chocolate brown, and a cream.  Aurifil is the BEST thread.  Long staple Egyptian cotton and hardly any lint when you sew. 

Hobbs is also an Island Batik Ambassador partner.  They sent a queen size 80/20 batting and two throw size battings, one 100" wool and one 80/20 with wool.  You can never go wrong using Hobbs batting!  I'm looking forward to using the wool ones. 

Nature surrounds me.   This turkey hen was in the shade underneath the tree, she has nine chicks.   I fill a small plastic bucket with water for them to drink.   She tolerates me taking pictures through the window but leaves if I come outside.  

Although its August the weather is nice.  Overcast and 71F.   A bit muggy but it is August.  

~Lori1R in Nebraska~ 

*I was given the Island Batik fabrics, Aurifil thread, and Hobbs batting*

Sunday, July 14, 2019

No sewing but .....

There's been no sewing.  My shoulder/arm are not getting better.  More Dr appointments will be needed.  But I WANT to sew!  Earlier this week I was cheered up by two boxes of donated fabric from Judy B--

 The big box was HEAVY!  Here is a pic of the contents--

Judy sent me yardage on the right, and her stash of homespuns.  She even included BLADES!  Homespuns are not something I buy but they make the most beautiful comfortable cuddly quilts--perfect for boy quilts!  How much did she send?  27 pounds.  That's 80 to 100 yards of fabric!  WOOHOOO!  Thank you Judy!  Next began the search for patterns to use the fabric.  This one has made the short list--

Snowball and Puss in Corner or Uneven 9 patches.  Perfect!  I am always looking for patterns that are simple and use limited background fabric.  This is a picture I copied from Pinterest--no link to go with it.  Can't you see those homespuns using this setting?  

It has turned hot and humid.  Still getting lots of rain.  During the weekend of the 4th we had 1.80" of rain at the camper, and 2.75" at our house.  We did not plant any crops this year.  A road to one field has either been closed or 4 wheel drive only--and that's the public road!  The weeds are going crazy, too wet to spray, too wet to disc them under.  But its better than drought, nothing more depressing than planting seed only to watch them wither to nothing.  And you still have all the costs associated with planting.

~Lori1R in Nebraska~

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Air Pruning

Gardeners have been hearing lots about air pruning.  Its using air to control the growth of a plant's roots in a container.  I tried it using old laundry baskets and some tulle--

This is a picture 10 days later--

They have grown like WEEDS!!  Planted in cheap potting soil using 3yo seed.  Old laundry baskets lined with green tulle.  Its been less than 3 weeks and they are BLOOMING.  I'll keep you updated on how much these plants produce.

~Lori1R in Nebraska~

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

We Survived the 4th

The 4th is now a happy memory!  Lots of fun times spent with family.  Nick, LB, and the boys camped next to us.  Little boys wore a path between the campers.  

We had bought cheap Dollar Tree inflatable beach balls--2 for $1.  BEST TOY EVER!!!  

Nick and Boys
Why is Nick in the lilac bush?
Little Boys threw the ball into the bush!
The balls survived much hard play!  They even got one stuck on the roof of the camper!  Max used his as an "exercise ball" on the rocks, laying on it and rolling around.  I heard it finally succumbed to Max biting it.  Why?  Why do little boys do those types of things?  Because they are little boys!

Piglet was well exercised!  Nick gave rides one afternoon.  There is a private quiet road that goes in a big circle--I wonder how many laps Nick did?  

In lieu of motorcycle helmets the boys wore their bike helmets.  Piglet is not like a big motorcycle, top speed is maybe 40 mph down a hill with the wind.  Gentle rides with little boys is much slower.  One time we saw two little boys riding with Nick!  

Grandma made waffles one morning for breakfast--

Little boys are growing and have healthy appetites. 
Another fun Dollar Tree find was Glow in the Dark necklaces.  The boys wore these at the night fireworks display.  There's always a huge crowd, and the necklaces made it easy to keep track of the boys when we left, walking to our cars.  They also made it easier for cars to see little boys!  Always a parent and grandparent worry.  And the Dollar Tree had other fun glow in the dark items--

Glow in the dark swords!  It was pitch dark when I snapped this picture, I should have turned the flash off.  The boys had fun with them, and I know the swords were played with in bed that night.  ROFL--I bet their parents appreciated that!

All too soon they had to go home, Grandpa will miss his boys--

This was the first time in 20 years Ken took a week of vacation.  Usually he takes a few days here and there.  

Now its back to volunteering.  A beautiful but windy day today.  How did you spend your 4th?

~Lori1R in Nebraska~

Saturday, June 29, 2019

A Great Day

Yesterday was a wonderful lecture at the Sassy Cat Quilt Shop. Mary W. from Vermillion spoke for two hours on her favorite subject--QUILTS!!!  She spoke on style, fabrics, dating quilts.  We were asked to bring our antique/vintage quilts and the stories behind them.  So much eye candy!  Here is Mary---

Her husband Steve helped hold quilts plus Mary brought more friends to help.  Mary, Lorrie2Rs, Me, and Dee from Nebraska--

Mary, Lorri2Rs, Me, and Dee from Nebraska

We had a wonderful time!  Dee brought the most wonderful quilt made for her husband by his mother--

The picture doesn't do it justice.   The pattern was by Rainbow Quilt Co.  This quilt was very heavy--Dee and Lorrie2Rs arms hurt after holding and waiting for me--

Mary brought me boy quilts, boy tops, and some fruit and veggie fabrics--

When I look at them I don't see the fruits and veggies (well, maybe the bananas), I see TOT fabrics.  51 pieces--I need to think of a pattern to use them.  I think I will sort them by value.  A good tool to sort is using a photo editing app and change your picture to black & white--

See how much easier it is to sort for value?  Mary also shared one of her patterns--it is exactly the type of pattern I like--

Mary writes great directions.  There are a lap, twin, double, queen and king size patterns in it.  

Still not much sewing.  Sigh  This is getting old.  

~Lori1R in Nebraska~

Friday, June 28, 2019

How does my garden grow?

I plant tomatoes, flowers etc in pots.  Laura Beth asked for zucchini plants.  I'd saved some old laundry baskets and used them for the zucchini seedlings--

I've been reading about "air pruning" and was excited to try it.  I lined the baskets with tulle fabric.  A few seedlings were planted in pots I had on hand.   Most my vegetable plants live on picnic tables, the wildlife often wants to investigate/eat/dig in them.  If they are on a picnic table they are less appealing.  There is a small flower bed next to my camper.  I planted it with flower seeds--

Morning glory, zinnia, and other flower seeds were sown.  They are happily growing and will need some sort of trellis.  I raised the wire panel and put long garden stakes in the corners and tied them together at the top.  Plastic plant tape was used to tie the wire to the stakes.  Eventually it will be a blooming flower volcano (I hope)!

~Lori1R in Nebraska~

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Thursday Update

Its been busy.  Last week we had "Pie Day".  I made two pies--a pecan and a buttermilk.  These were the entries--

I didn't win, Andrew won with a Banana Cream pie and Ashley was 2nd with a Coconut Cream Cheesecake with her secret ingredient (a little lime juice).  They were both VERY GOOD!  ROFL--the buttermilk pie was eyed with trepidation, but I liked it.  The flavoring was nutmeg, and I adore nutmeg!  It was basically a custard pie with lots of cream, sugar and eggs--what's not to like about that??

Here are the winners--Ashley and Andrew. Next month we are having Ethnic Food Day.  I am making a Cajun dish, I like Cajun cuisine! 

We had a visitor to the VC--

Hannah modeled the Pioneer clothing Lorrie2Rs made (Hannah is a former Ranger at the VC).  The dress up clothing is a popular spot in the VC.  There is usually lots of laughter from that section of the building!  

I've done very little sewing.  My shoulder is unhappy and I will probably need to see the Dr. again.  So no goals this week.  We're still having lots of rain, this morning was 2-3" of rain north of me and it was still raining.  Here at the camper we got a sprinkle and lots of thunder and lightning. I was worried about wind/hail in the night so I moved a few favorite plants under the picnic table.  The big hibiscus sheltered under the front of the 5th wheel.  Summer has finally arrived, it will be in the 80's today and possible 90's this weekend.  

Have a great week!

~Lori1R in Nebraska~


Its butterfly season!  The flowers have been covered with Painted Lady butterflies feeding on nectar-- Painted Lady butterflies are...