Friday, October 18, 2019

Motivtion Friday and a Few Pictures

The last few weeks I've been sewing in JOT moments.  I now have enough Uneven 9 Patches to make a quilt.  Here are a few blocks I laid out to see how they looked--

Will need the design wall for the final layout.  These were made using my box of 5" charm squares.  98 blocks didn't make a dent in the charm box.  

Last Saturday 2Rs, Mary from SD and I attended the Sioux Falls Quilt Guild show.  Mary laughed at 2Rs and I, our first stop was the Guild's Rummage sale.  Lots of fun bargains--I limited myself to one book and fabric--

If you enlarge the picture you can see the price/yardage marked on each piece.  This made purchasing so easy!  My goal was borders/bindings fabric with a few "zinger" fabrics to liven my scrap quilts--

I HAD to buy this piece--
The show was very busy so only a few pictures.  This quilt is wool applique on cotton fabric-

The little circles are about the size of a pencil.  Check out the beautiful stitching.  Also at the show was Scott Flanagan--
Scott gave a great trunk show about his personal quilting history.  You can read about him on facebook.  He has many published patterns, I bought Back Draft, you can see his patterns here.  He taught two classes also for the Quilt Show.  With my bum shoulder I could not participate.

Its Paddlefish Snagging Season here at Gavins Point.  Check out this one--
That is a FAT fish!  The gulls are numerous, flying down by the water watching for stunned fish that come through the power plant and spillway.  One was caught in a fishing line when the fisherman cast his snagging line--
 It's a Franklin Gull, and was definitely a "catch and release" moment.  

And people continue to park in obvious "no parking" zones--

These are NOT parking spots.  The parking spot has a big blue handicapped symbol--these lines are behind the symbol for cars/vans that have the handicapped lifts.  These vehicles are parked behind the vans/cars who parked in designated spots. It was a nice day, no reason for these vehicles to park there.  There were plenty of open spots near Walmart's doors.  I simply do not understand arrogance of these people!

Its a beautiful fall day, I want to go outside and just enjoy the sunshine!

~Lori1R in Nebraska~

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Rainbow Scrappy Saturday and Life

This week I finished 32 Uneven 9 Patches or Puss in Corner blocks--

It was a challenge taking a picture of these in the "gentle breeze" the other day.  

I thought of the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge colors of brown and black--

Please see what everyone has made at SoScrappy.

Last week I made "sticky buns"--

They didn't last long, I shared them at the Visitor Center.  The weather has turned cold and WINDY💨.  Wednesday I picked my favorite flowers and brought them inside the camper.  The mint, basil, and fuschia went underneath in a storage compartment that stays above freezing.  A few days in the dark won't hurt them.

I tied them together using strips of Walmart bags so they took up less room.  No watching TV from the recliner!  In a few days the temps will go up and they can go back outside for a while.  

Thursday Rangers David and Galen rescued a juvenile Osprey--

Photo Credit Regina Seaman

It was injured (a left wing) and was captured by Ranger David Mines and Biologist Galen Jons.  Nebraska Conservation Officer Mitch Johnson transported it to a raptor rehabilitator.  Thank you Regina for calling us about this injured bird in the Cottonwood campground.

Today 2Rs, Mary from South Dakota, and I are at Dakota Pieces Quilt Guild show in Sioux Falls.  Have a good weekend!

~Lori1R in Nebraska~

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Moving Along

Its already October.  Its cold and rainy, drizzly and overcast--is this what living in England is like?  Its only 45F, where is a sunny dry fall day?  Where are the clear blue skies?  Sigh  We've had at least 2" of rain the past few days.  

Last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I sewed with 2Rs and the Iowa Sweat Shop Ladies.  It felt so good to do that.  Stashbusters Yahoo group is on a mission to use up precuts we've had in our stashes, this month featured jelly rolls.  PERFECT!  Earlier I had bought this book--

Its by Gudrun Erla and its a GREAT book!  Each quilt has several sizes, pressing diagrams, lots of illustrations.  The directions are clear and easy.  I chose Ribbon Candy, here are the 32 blocks I made--

2Rs did most my cutting this weekend.  Sewing is hard on my shoulder.  It took me all weekend to make these simple blocks.   My soul was happy but my shoulder complained.  

2Rs cut and completed a top a group of friends chose as a challenge pattern--

Autumn Argle is featured on the cover of Quilts and More fall issue.  These are the fabrics I picked--

Originally I had a gold/orange plaid, but it worked better for a project 2Rs was working on, and she replaced it with the green.  The green really fits better with the purple spider webs and skulls.  I've never made a Halloween quilt before.  (2Rs cut it out for me--Thank you 2Rs!!)

We were a small group sewing this weekend, Kathleen was working on her pink duck quilt--

Kathleen does perfect machine applique.  The ducks fit in well with our weather!

Max is four and went to the apple orchard with his preschool.  Laura Beth was able to be there and took a few pictures--

Each child was given a bag to pick five apples.  They had a hay ride out to the orchard and talked about the different colored apples. 

Not sure what happened, but Max didn't make it home with five apples!  

Tuesday Ken and I went to Walmart, people continue to park in no parking areas--

There are more handicapped spaces to park in if they are needed.  

The right shoulder is still painful. 

Almost five months of rest, rehab exercises, and a cortisone injection.  Yesterday I had an MRI, the Dr. suspects a badly bruised ligament or a rotor cuff tear.  Waiting to see what the MRI report says. 

Volunteering is almost over for the year.  The cold weather doesn't affect me, my camper stays snuggly warm.  No frost so far, I hope the last of the tomatoes ripen.  Some of the flowers are beginning to look rather straggly, but the hibiscus is blooming happily. 

~Lori1R in Nebraska~

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