Thursday, October 3, 2019

Moving Along

Its already October.  Its cold and rainy, drizzly and overcast--is this what living in England is like?  Its only 45F, where is a sunny dry fall day?  Where are the clear blue skies?  Sigh  We've had at least 2" of rain the past few days.  

Last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I sewed with 2Rs and the Iowa Sweat Shop Ladies.  It felt so good to do that.  Stashbusters Yahoo group is on a mission to use up precuts we've had in our stashes, this month featured jelly rolls.  PERFECT!  Earlier I had bought this book--

Its by Gudrun Erla and its a GREAT book!  Each quilt has several sizes, pressing diagrams, lots of illustrations.  The directions are clear and easy.  I chose Ribbon Candy, here are the 32 blocks I made--

2Rs did most my cutting this weekend.  Sewing is hard on my shoulder.  It took me all weekend to make these simple blocks.   My soul was happy but my shoulder complained.  

2Rs cut and completed a top a group of friends chose as a challenge pattern--

Autumn Argle is featured on the cover of Quilts and More fall issue.  These are the fabrics I picked--

Originally I had a gold/orange plaid, but it worked better for a project 2Rs was working on, and she replaced it with the green.  The green really fits better with the purple spider webs and skulls.  I've never made a Halloween quilt before.  (2Rs cut it out for me--Thank you 2Rs!!)

We were a small group sewing this weekend, Kathleen was working on her pink duck quilt--

Kathleen does perfect machine applique.  The ducks fit in well with our weather!

Max is four and went to the apple orchard with his preschool.  Laura Beth was able to be there and took a few pictures--

Each child was given a bag to pick five apples.  They had a hay ride out to the orchard and talked about the different colored apples. 

Not sure what happened, but Max didn't make it home with five apples!  

Tuesday Ken and I went to Walmart, people continue to park in no parking areas--

There are more handicapped spaces to park in if they are needed.  

The right shoulder is still painful. 

Almost five months of rest, rehab exercises, and a cortisone injection.  Yesterday I had an MRI, the Dr. suspects a badly bruised ligament or a rotor cuff tear.  Waiting to see what the MRI report says. 

Volunteering is almost over for the year.  The cold weather doesn't affect me, my camper stays snuggly warm.  No frost so far, I hope the last of the tomatoes ripen.  Some of the flowers are beginning to look rather straggly, but the hibiscus is blooming happily. 

~Lori1R in Nebraska~


Sara said...

I sure hope they figure out how to fix that shoulder. I'm actually surprised they haven't done an MRI sooner.

Loving every one of those quilty projects!!! Looks like you ladies had a lot of fun. Can't wait to see your Halloween quilt.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

If the recent gloomy weather is what it's like in England they can keep it. We had close to 3" of rain over the last three days and nights. Then they promised us plenty of sunshine for today and it took until well after lunch to get here? I am solar powered so I want nice warm, sunny & dry fall days.

There were some pretty quilts worked on with your Iowa friends. I'm just sorry to hear that your shoulder still isn't getting better. So hard to not be able to do what you love without hurting.

Garden season is done here. Hubby has cleaned everything off and hauled it all to the tree dump. I'll miss my fresh tomatoes. Had the last one yesterday. Canned a couple batches of Asian Pears & now need to can some squash, at least another batch of kidney beans (after a trip out to Morrisons to get some more) and make some veggie beef soup to can. It's so handy for a quick meal. I looked at last year's calendar & saw that I was completely done canning by the end of Sept. & I canned so much more than this year. Of course I did can twice a much tomatoes and tomato juice. I think I'll have to break down and buy a few more jars for what I still want to do.

Hope the MRI gives the doctors some idea of what your shoulder needs to fix it.

Tired Teacher said...

Ribbon Candy is wonderful - I love the block pattern! Sure hope the doctors figure out what's going on with your shoulder.

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