Saturday, October 12, 2019

Rainbow Scrappy Saturday and Life

This week I finished 32 Uneven 9 Patches or Puss in Corner blocks--

It was a challenge taking a picture of these in the "gentle breeze" the other day.  

I thought of the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge colors of brown and black--

Please see what everyone has made at SoScrappy.

Last week I made "sticky buns"--

They didn't last long, I shared them at the Visitor Center.  The weather has turned cold and WINDY💨.  Wednesday I picked my favorite flowers and brought them inside the camper.  The mint, basil, and fuschia went underneath in a storage compartment that stays above freezing.  A few days in the dark won't hurt them.

I tied them together using strips of Walmart bags so they took up less room.  No watching TV from the recliner!  In a few days the temps will go up and they can go back outside for a while.  

Thursday Rangers David and Galen rescued a juvenile Osprey--

Photo Credit Regina Seaman

It was injured (a left wing) and was captured by Ranger David Mines and Biologist Galen Jons.  Nebraska Conservation Officer Mitch Johnson transported it to a raptor rehabilitator.  Thank you Regina for calling us about this injured bird in the Cottonwood campground.

Today 2Rs, Mary from South Dakota, and I are at Dakota Pieces Quilt Guild show in Sioux Falls.  Have a good weekend!

~Lori1R in Nebraska~


Tired Teacher said...

I'm sure it will warm up again and your flowers can be moved back outside. Temperature are really in flux here - ranging from 7° to 65°.

Love all your blocks. Your shoulder must be feeling better.

The Joyful Quilter said...

I'm sure you had fun at the quilt show. Nice batch of DARK blocks for the RSC!!

Sara said...

Wasn’t that wind crazy? Your plants still look pretty good so they will do fine outside again this week.

It’s nice to see you are doing a little sewing again.

Susie H said...

The Puss in Boots blocks look great! Glad you were able to save your plants. I also brought in several of mine with the cold arriving the other day. Thankfully it's been pretty nice and will be for a couple more days. The osprey looks thrilled to have been saved! Hahaha! If you want to make more sticky buns, I'll be right over!!!!

Katie Z. said...

How’s the weather now? I’ve had a craving for cinnamon rolls, but not the energy to make them. Maybe next week.

Your blocks are beautiful.

Unknown said...

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