Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Finding Happiness

Recently I read this article--



Its based on a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson--

 “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

Too many times we rely on things to make us happy.   Being useful makes me happy too.  Volunteering, making and donating quilts, cooking for others--these all make me happy.

What makes YOU happy?

~Lori1R in Nebraska~

Monday, May 27, 2019

Design Wall Monday, RSC, Weekly Goals

These blocks are on my design wall--

Six orange churn dash blocks and one dark blue--because I had a dark blue scrap.  All cut with the Accuquilt 9" churn dash die.  Eventually I will have enough for a quilt. 

There are lots of scraps in my stash.  Here is where I found the scraps I used--

A laundry basket full!  I pulled out possible scraps to slash and pressed them--

They are laid over the drawer to my sewing cabinet.  Don't they look like fun?  I can hardly wait to slash them! But I am at the camper, will have to go home this week (hopefully I find time) and pack my sewing.  All I have with me right now is binding.  I MISS piecing!  Found a picture from when I quilted earlier in May--


I had stuck my foot through it!  Not a problem, I hand sewed it in place and you will never find it after its quilted.   

Weekly Goals

9" Churn Dash blocks
Garlic Knots blocks
Island Batik project
Anything else that looks like fun!

This weekend I tidied up my camping site, planted tomatoes and flowers in pots.  But my favorite is my flag--

Today is Memorial Day, a day of remembering those who protected and fought for our country.  It always feels more like home when I put the flag out, I have solar spotlights on it so it can be displayed 24/7.  I have many good memories of Memorial Day.  Extended family would visit, attend Memorial Day services at the cemetery, the placing of flowers on family graves.  I'm glad I live in America!

~Lori1R in Nebraska~

Monday, May 20, 2019

Design Wall Monday

No design wall picture today, but I do have a finish!

This quilt is 84x100", I'll say it used 14 yards of fabric.  Too big for a boys home quilt so I'll put it on the Emergency pile.  You never know when you'll need a quilt to donate or gift.  Bricks and Stepping Stones is a favorite pattern, especially for scrap quilts.  No background needed, and you can use the most unloved (ugly) scraps in the bricks!  Want a different look, replace the black in the 4 patches with another color.  I've used black, brown, blue, purple, red--just about any color will work.  Thank you Bonnie, for the great free pattern!

Last week 2Rs helped me make a 6 FQ Bag--

It holds a LOT.  There is a large throw, a twin size, and a queen size quilt in the bag, plus two small sewing bags.  Someone pointed out its pretty heavy, can I lift it?  Yes, but I did ask Ken to carry it for me!  Its a free pattern and easy to make.  I wanted a bag to carry quilts in, ones needing binding and finished ones to donate.  This has more class than a garbage bag!  If I make another I will add pockets to the inside.  

Saturday I received a package in the mail--

Two red, a teal, a tan, and a white--all Island Batiks.  10 yards in.  I will have to update my stash report.  I only count fabrics I pay for in my stash report.  

Last week I began volunteering.  My campsite is surrounded by blooming lilacs--it smells heavenly!  To celebrate summer I bought a new nightshirt--

I have a busy week ahead, but I have found time to sew a little.  I brought binding projects for those JOT moments.  Sunday morning I had an hour to enjoy the hand sewing.  

I need to plant some flower seeds yet, but its been pretty chilly.  This morning it was 39F, some places had frost.   

Do you have summer plans?  A vacation?   

~Lori1R in Nebraska~

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May 1st--Island Batik, Hobbs Batting, and Accuquilt

April's Challenge was a square baby quilt using Hobbs Batting and Accuquilt dies.  Here is mine, its 40" square--

I used the Accuquilt die to cut the 2.5" squares.  It is one of my favorite dies! (#2 in the 8" Cube set).  I hand appliqued a simple center motif.  Quilted with an all over panto (Clematis by Jodi Beamish) using white thread.  The batting is Hobbs 80/20.  

The Accuquilt Go is something I may never have bought for myself, but have fallen in love with it.  There is very little waste when you cut, and now my only excuse for crooked blocks is me!  I've purchased a few more dies, they support my New Starts, and really help me manage my scraps.  I bought the 9" Churn Dash, the 5" square, and the 3.5x6.5" brick dies.  So far! 😉  Hobbs Batting, what can I say?  Hobbs Batting is ALWAYS great! 

My photo props were a white sheet for backdrop, a cheerleading PomPom, a vintage Brownie Camera from my "treasure shelf" and spools of Aurifil thread.  I did this picture in less than 5 minutes, only two pictures taken instead of the usual +20.

Life is busy here, lots of unexpected life moments.  But quilting is my stress reliever!  

Have a great month of May!

~Lori1R in South Dakota~

PS--this project was made using products given to me--Island Batiks, Hobbs Batting and Accuquilt Go and Dies

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