Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas is over, back to real life!!  First my last weeks goals--

Cut more Irish Chain strips--Yes
Cut more Blue/Green bricks--No
Cut more Weekwacker strips--Yes
Decide Honeycomb quilt fabrics/size--Kinda
Cut for Caroline Chain quilt--Have plenty for now
Sew borders on 30's UFO--DONE

Now for goals until 2018--

Work on Orange 30's project
Cut more strips for ICC, Honeycomb, and Weekwacker
Decide background for Honeycomb

These will do.  I have lots of cutting to do, and I sew on other things for a break.  I also have to set 2018 goals.  

A few pictures-- 

The 30's orange UFO straight out of the bag--a tad wrinkled!

 A little bit better picture of the colors.  Its that wonderful 30's melon.  

I found a package of Super Hero capes and mask.  Four costumes for the four Thomas boys!

Here are the backs--Batman, Captain American, the Flash (??) and Spiderman.  

I miss summer.  I miss flowers.  So I planted an amaryllis bulb and it opened on Christmas Eve--

Four flowers, they are bigger than my hand.  I wish I had 10 more!  

I hope you had a great Christmas.  Four days until 2018--are you ready??


Friday, December 22, 2017

Motivation Friday

The pieced borders are on the 30's Granny's Strippy quilt--

Sorry about the dingy night photo--but I'm excited!  Now I can decide if I'm pulling out another UFO, or which one it might be.  

I've made a few Christmas treats, and cookie dough is chilling until later.  There is time to cut more strips for my ICC projects.  



Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Weekly Goals--Christmas Quilts--ICC

These were my goals from last week--
Sew Jelly Roll Twist blocks together--Done
Cut more Irish Chain Challenge Strips--Yes
Look at a 30's fabric UFO --on the wall

First the 30's fabric UFO--
Kat called it a Boston Commons type quilt.  Its from a Darlene Zimmerman book called Granny Quilts.  All the sashings are on, next are the pieced borders.  The night picture makes it look drab, the colors are more like this--

Love Laugh Quilt asked if we had Christmas quilts.  We have this one on our bed--

It was a long ago English paper piecing project done with Christmas fabrics.  Here is one more--

A Christmas tree quilt.  I was taking a picture of the Amaryllis--it is 27" tall from the top of the bulb to the tip of the plant.  No flower yet!  A Chinese Christmas Coins is on the spare bed, and a log cabin made with the last of the Christmas fabrics is under the tree.

All the decorations are out.  I'm starting to make a few Christmas treats.  

Weekly Goals--

Cut more Irish Chain strips
Cut more Blue/Green bricks
Cut more Weekwacker strips
Decide Honeycomb quilt fabrics/size
Cut for Caroline Chain quilt
Sew borders on 30's UFO

There are three starts that use "chains" to direct the eye--the Irish Chain, the Honeycomb, and Caroline Chain.  Carolina Chain just recently was released as a free pattern on the C&T website.  Thank you Bonnie Hunter!

I'm inviting you to join the ICC - Irish Chain Challenge.  The guidelines are simple--cut a project (or start sewing) before 2018.  The project has to have an eye drawing chain in any direction.  A finished flimsy by May 1st.  You can repurpose UFO's, leftover bits (many quilters say that have a stash of 9 patches) or start a new project.  You can buy fabric or use stash.  ITS JUST FOR FUN!!  I'll be posting what I'm doing here and on Stashbusters at Yahoo Groups. 

Christmas is this weekend and I still have baking and present wrapping to do.  


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Design Wall Monday, Weekly Goals

These blocks are on the design wall--

Will play with the arrangement and sew them together. I'm linking up with--

2Rs was here a couple weeks ago and we shopped.   I bought from the sale table--borders, backgrounds, and bindings.

Asher had a birthday--he's six now--

Birthday cake and ice cream was had by all!  Moustache has become part of the family.  He got a new toy--

He tolerates Max quite well--

Moustache was sleeping on the couch and Max decided it was cuddle time.  

There's been lots of sewing here.  I finished putting together another set of Irish chain blocks from years ago--

It needs borders yet, one of these days I'll have a border sewing day.  For fun I made two Garlic Knot blocks--

just because I wanted to! 

Weekly Goals--

Sew Jelly Roll Twist blocks together
Cut more Irish Chain Challenge Strips
Look at a 30's fabric UFO  

More than enough for this week. Christmas is coming and I'm not ready!  


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