Saturday, June 27, 2020

I Have a Finish!

In small bits of time I finished binding this +10 year old UFO--
78"x90" I'll say it used 16 yards.  The blue is a shade called Azure--

"Azure is a bright, cyan-blue color named after the rock lapis lazuli. It is often described as the color of the sky on a clear day. On the RGB color wheel, "azure" is defined as the color at 210 degrees, i.e., the hue halfway between blue and cyan."

I quilted it using Hyacinth Grande--

Its a  Pamela Ritter design.  I briefly thought about sending it out for heirloom quilting, but decided Laura Beth won't care and done is DONE!  I found a fence in the campground almost tall enough to hang it from, lucky me!  I used a pattern found in this book--

I'm linking with Elm Street Quilts OMG as this was my June goal. 

Lori1R in Nebraska 

Friday, June 26, 2020

Adapting Slowly

I'm slowly working with the new tablet.  Most the time I can figure it out.  Today another new piece of technology arrived, an Arteck HB030B bluetooth keyboard.  I have it linked to my tablet, I do prefer typing on a keyboard, old school I guess.
I ordered this from Amazon for $16.99, I'll see if I wasted the money.  The smaller keyboard doesn't bother me, I had a small keyboard on the netbook I used for years.  

My days are usually fairly busy but once in a while I can do this--
I sit outside the booth and sew binding.  The booth faces west so about the only time I can do it is Fridays and Saturdays from noon until 3pm, after that the shade is gone.  It was beautiful today and I had nothing else to do but check in campers and answer questions--which I can do from the porch.  I have a good "outside" voice!  

No piecing, no fabric shopping, but I did buy a smoker, I've wanted one for a couple years.
Camo is not my thing but the price was right.  Hopefully I'll get it put together on Sunday or Monday.  

My favorite Hibiscus is here and has started to bloom--
I love flowers, hopefully there will be others blooming before long.  The bird feeders are up--
and there was WAR!!!  I was 3 ft away from him in the camper and he totally ignored all my yelling!  I threw on my flipflops and chased him with a flyswatter!  Since then I have put a 4" PVC pipe around the bird feeder post, he cannot climb that.  So far he hasn't tried dive bombing it from the tree, but its quite a leap even for a squirrel.  Orioles, finches, nuthatches, song sparrows, chickadees have found the feeders.  No hummers, cardinals, blue jays, grosbeaks, or some of the other birds I saw where I camped in previous years. 

Next week is already the 4th of July.   Summer is half over, how is that possible??

Lori1R in Nebraska

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Lost my Technology

No posts because my favorite tablet died.  It served me well, was in constant use for four? years.  It went EVERYWHERE with me.  The cost to fix it was ($150), so instead I shopped for a new tablet.  Because of my phone plan, the only tablet I could use was one from Verizon.  I feel they have a monopoly/strangle hold on this area.  No other company has good coverage where we live.  I like the brand, but feel Verizon has severely inflated prices.  This is what I settled for--

A Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e.  Its bigger than my old tablet, I wonder if it will be as handy.  The bigger screen is nice, but will it be comfortable to read books on?  There is a small learning curve and I'm waiting for a cover, one where the tablet slides into a pocket that velcros shut.  No hard corners to force it into, and there is a soft edge around all the tablet edges with cutouts for buttons/plug ins.  I had that for my old tablet, it was very secure and protected.  The cover is magnetic, when it's closed the tablet "sleeps".

The camper and I are in Yankton.  Kind of!  I am in the state of Nebraska, but the South Dakota state line is less than a mile away.
This is my temporary site, they were doing construction next to my contractor site.  So we never unhooked, it's just easier to leave it hooked up.  

The boys and Laura Beth came to stay a few days--
they slept on an air bed.  Max crashed and hit his head--
the red dot was a depression in the metal he hit his head on, its looks like it was drawn with a marker.

No sewing, I've been too busy.  🙁

We're all dealing with the "new normal".   I'm proactive without being paranoid.  I miss HUGGING people!   Most people try to be careful.  

And the very first day I was at Walmart I saw this--
NOT a parking space and no handicap plates or placard.  Are people are just lazy and inconsiderate?  Ignorant?  Drives me crazy!  

Lori1R back in Nebraska

Monday, June 1, 2020

June OMG

A beautiful sunny start to June.  My goal was to finish quilting Mary's boy quilts--
Aren't they lovely?  Both contain a lot of the same fabrics, but set very differently!  They ready for binding.  My OMG for June is to finish binding this Blue & White Irish Chain--

It's for DD Laura Beth who asked for a blue/white quilt, very plain, only two colors.  I'm linking with Elm Street Quilts.

I'll be back in the camper until October.  This year I am not volunteering at the Visitor Center, instead I'll be working at a campground gate booth, still with the US Army Corps of Engineers.  I am going to miss the Visitor Center, I was there for 15 seasons!   Camping season was supposed to start the middle of April, instead its June 1st. 

In preparation of working I sorted my supplies--
I'm not paranoid about Covid19, I prefer "proactive".  If spraying/wiping prevents one case, it was worth it.  I did not buy any of these special for camping/working, this is my "collection" from our house/vehicles/camper (some are partially used).  Each vehicle has a container of wipes.  This is nothing new, we ALWAYS have a container of wipes in each vehicle.  Even tractors & the combine will have one when we are using them.  

I wish you a beautiful June.  Summer is FINALLY here, I am so happy!  

Lori1R--back in Nebraska

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