Monday, November 27, 2017

Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

These blocks are on my wall-

Quarter Log Cabin blocks.  Its a free pattern.  

Remember when I cut a big basket of 2.5" strips to take in the camper in May?  This is one of the patterns I made with them.  I have enough Quarter Log Cabin blocks for two boy size tops.  I'm linking up with Quilting is more Fun than Housework. This pattern has NO BACKGROUND--perfect for making a Hug quilt. 

 It's been busy here.  Last week we picked up a "new to us" camper--

I hope we like it, one more slide and a rear kitchen--I like a rear kitchen in a camper.  

Last night I tried a new recipe--Plain Crumb Platz

I changed it a little, I added about 1/2 c. of mini chocolate chips sprinkled on the dough before the topping.  I followed the directions but think I needed a bigger pan than the recipe calls for--the dough really puffed up but it has a tender crumb and very good.

And I'm inviting you to join an Irish Chain Challenge.  We're doing this on Stashbusters and I'm inviting you to play along.  Irish Chain quilts can be anything you want--vintage to a more classic look.  This is the book I'm using--

Its a GREAT book--single, double, and triple Irish chains.  Charts for using 1.5", 2.0", or 2.5" strips.  Pressing directions.  It breaks each size down for yardage or number of strips. All sizes of quilts too. Search for Irish Chain images--and prepare to be overwhelmed.  Mine will be a triple, using a soft yellow background, and "mostly" scrappy.  This is a quilt for ME. 

Remember all those magazines and books I brought home from the guild's rummage sale?  I have a small stack beside the bed for late night reading--

Best purchase ever!  

Weekly Goals--

Cut Irish Chain Strips
Finish last six seams on Quarter Log Cabin
Put a new project on the design wall
Sew more binding

That will keep me busy.  Have you put your Christmas decorations up?  I'd like to put our tree up and find the Christmas quilts.

~Lori in South Dakota~   

Sunday, November 12, 2017

I'm Back!

Its been a busy month. No more volunteering until next year.  

October 9th we moved the camper home.  October 12th I went to Sioux Falls for guild.  Friday I helped hang quilts for the quilt show.  Saturday was spent with the grands, and Lorri2Rs and I went to the quilt show on Sunday.  A few pictures from the show--

Quilt photos are missing the edges because I could not get any further away when taking pictures.  Did I buy anything at the quilt show?  Two boxes of used magazines and books for $2 each.  A hand quilting PVC quilt frame in the original box for $2.  That's it.

And when I got home with the camper we discovered OUR FRIDGE IN THE HOUSE WAS DYING! ARRGGH!

Luckily we have another fridge in the basement but it got old running up and down the steps.  This is the new fridge--a french door with freezer on the bottom.  No more bending when looking for leftovers.  This was delivered a couple weeks later.

The Monday after the quilt show I was doing this--

That's my job--running the combine.  A few small breakdowns but nothing major.  

My lunch box in the combine.  The pliers is to turn the heater on--the knob turns hard so I used a pliers.  The heater works well--nice and toasty but ITS NOISY.  I alternated turning the heater on and becoming deaf with turning it off and getting cold.  Oh well.  We got done!

Only one flat tire this year.  Yippee!!  We finished harvest the day before Halloween so I was able to visit the boys and hand out candy at their house while they went round the neighborhood with their parents.  Unfortunately they brought home more candy than I was able to hand out!

I'm stilling putting stuff away from the camper.  Very little sewing.  I did finish a few things--

I did not make these quilts.  All I had to do was quilt and bind them.  Judy in MO furnished two of the backings.  So the amount of yardage leaving my stash was 7.5yds. (The quilts finish about 75x90")  Thank you Liz, Mary, and Judy.  It was a pleasure to quilt your tops.  They have been donated to McCrossan Boys Ranch.   

Bonnie Hunter's mystery On Ringo Lake starts soon.  The color choices are favorites--melony orange, teal, and brown.   Saturday I did a little stash enhancing--

My stash has some of the melons, but I needed teals and brown.  I bought one brown-that is all the quilt store had where I shopped.  (Its a small store).  My stash has little teal or brown because I LOVE those colors and use them up as fast as I buy them!  Bonnie said try a salmony pink so I bought one of those too.

Oh, during all this my DISH TV in the sewing room needed fixing, and I had to move stash off the shelves (the cable runs behind them).  The first tech didn't have the part, and I waited another week for the 2nd tech.  He was here Saturday and I've been sorting and refolding stash.  The pinks, purples, oranges, yellows, golds, and browns have been resorted and moved.  Well, guess that takes care of one section of stash sorted this month!

Still plenty of sorting and putting away.  There are binding projects beside my chair.  Maybe now I can get back to sewing.  This summer I made several sets of blocks.  Fall in the City is still on the design wall, only three long seams left on it.  

And Moustache has moved in with Laura Beth, Nick, and the boys--

He sleeps on LB and Nick's bed, says its the very soft.  And he loves his new mother!  If its story time he climbs up and settles in.  I'll try to check in more often now. 

Lori in South Dakota

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