Saturday, May 31, 2008


Yes I have it. Tonight it is miserable, too tired to sew, but just lay in bed and toss and turn and decided to write a post.

I have PLANS for the weekend. Finish the camper and park it for the summer. Plant the flowers that are currently waiting for the weather to dry off a bit. Mow the lawn. Pray for thread. Quilt. Pray for thread. Sew.

But let's be optimistic and grateful for what I DO have:

Warm weather, plenty of rain instead of blowing dust, food in the fridge, family, a first grandchild on the way, a husband who loves me. Friends who like me for ME, not because I'm related to them! LOL


Becky said...

Sorry that you had one of those nights. I haven't had one in a bit. I usually play on the computer until the letters on the monitor are blurred. I then go to sleep on the couch. I'm up early this morning.. All my boys are still in bed. Love this quiet time. I'm visiting a friend's quilt shop today!!!! It's just far enough away (45 minute drive) that I can go only ever month or so. Another friend is meeting me there. YES!

Opps! Someone is up.Quiet time is over.

Stephanie said...

Oh, my, we should have instant messaged or something! I had one of those nights, too--and have been awake since 0100. I was planning on blogging about that myself!

Pat said...

I'll say a prayer that your thread order arrives and wish you sweet sleeping tonight :)

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