Friday, October 5, 2018


More wildlife photos!  A small Bull Snake.  They are a very aggressive species, he definitely was NOT happy at visiting the Visitor Center.  See the "S" shape he's in, ready to strike at us.  And strike he did--but he was just a small snake, maybe 14" long.  We were careful to stay out of reach, although not poisonous, they DO bite and the small teeth can break off in a wound. 

We released him behind the Visitor Center in the Native Prairie plant beds--

See how well he blends in with the dirt?  Bull Snakes eat anything they can, from insects to lizards, frogs & toads, mice/moles, and will climb in trees and bushes to raid bird nests for eggs and hatchlings.

The tomato plants are still blooming--

I don't think they will make tomatoes this year!

I opened my bargain jelly rolls--

Very happy with the mix of colors and patterns!  Yellow/greens to blues to teals to grass greens and purples.   No plan for them yet.  

Its been a gamut of fall weather.   From 30-40F to 89F with bright sun on Wednesday, then a cold front blew in from the north--almost blew us off the top of the hill!  Thursday was rain rain and more rain.  Cold and soggy.  I stayed in the camper ALL DAY!!  Summer is over, fall is here and it will be time to pack up the camper and head home.  Sigh  I LOVE summer!  

~Lori1R in Soggy Nebraska~


Sara said...

A few summers ago we had a very LARGE bull snake in our yard - about 6' long. He was pretty intimidating. And we see big and small ones on the golf course that has Firesteel Creek running through. My grandson was quite thrilled with the big dead one he found with grandpa.

Tired Teacher said...

I'm not a fan of snakes either large or small. I've heard bull snakes will kill rattlesnakes or at least keep them out of an area.

Summer is looong gone here, and snow s predicted for this weekend.

Mary Johnson said...

I love summer too but I love a change of seasons even more .... we’re loving Maine in October especially since we’re checking the weather back home and it’s still hitting 90!!

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