Wednesday, July 10, 2019

We Survived the 4th

The 4th is now a happy memory!  Lots of fun times spent with family.  Nick, LB, and the boys camped next to us.  Little boys wore a path between the campers.  

We had bought cheap Dollar Tree inflatable beach balls--2 for $1.  BEST TOY EVER!!!  

Nick and Boys
Why is Nick in the lilac bush?
Little Boys threw the ball into the bush!
The balls survived much hard play!  They even got one stuck on the roof of the camper!  Max used his as an "exercise ball" on the rocks, laying on it and rolling around.  I heard it finally succumbed to Max biting it.  Why?  Why do little boys do those types of things?  Because they are little boys!

Piglet was well exercised!  Nick gave rides one afternoon.  There is a private quiet road that goes in a big circle--I wonder how many laps Nick did?  

In lieu of motorcycle helmets the boys wore their bike helmets.  Piglet is not like a big motorcycle, top speed is maybe 40 mph down a hill with the wind.  Gentle rides with little boys is much slower.  One time we saw two little boys riding with Nick!  

Grandma made waffles one morning for breakfast--

Little boys are growing and have healthy appetites. 
Another fun Dollar Tree find was Glow in the Dark necklaces.  The boys wore these at the night fireworks display.  There's always a huge crowd, and the necklaces made it easy to keep track of the boys when we left, walking to our cars.  They also made it easier for cars to see little boys!  Always a parent and grandparent worry.  And the Dollar Tree had other fun glow in the dark items--

Glow in the dark swords!  It was pitch dark when I snapped this picture, I should have turned the flash off.  The boys had fun with them, and I know the swords were played with in bed that night.  ROFL--I bet their parents appreciated that!

All too soon they had to go home, Grandpa will miss his boys--

This was the first time in 20 years Ken took a week of vacation.  Usually he takes a few days here and there.  

Now its back to volunteering.  A beautiful but windy day today.  How did you spend your 4th?

~Lori1R in Nebraska~


Sara said...

Sounds like a wonderful bit of family time. We didn't see our kids or grandkids for the 4th. But we did enjoy an afternoon and evening at a friend's house for cards and a BBQ. That was fun except for her sister who was on a non-stop political rant the whole day. Or complaining about how long it was taking to cook the chicken - while sitting on her butt in a chair in the living room. LOL There is always one person like that and no one let her spoil the fun.

Tired Teacher said...

Fun memories for everyone! The toys just prove that the amount spent doesn't affect the entertainment factor.

Katie Z. said...

That looks like a splendid 4th! I’ll admit we didn’t do much. I think James mowed in the morning, my parents joined us for lunch, and we lazed around in the afternoon. James took the kids out for ice cream and fireworks, which made for a late night that the kids enjoyed. I’m stayed home and cleaned the kitchen! I find more and more when I have time to myself, I use half the time to clean and enjoy that it stays clean!

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