Monday, February 24, 2020

Weekly Goals

Let's try again, I did NONE of last weeks goals!

Quilt Honeycomb
Beaded Lantern
Cut bindings

Last week I was sidelined by a fibro flareup and then I spent Thur-Fri-Sat at the grands.  Nick was gone for work so I helped Laura Beth with the boys.  

The boys were very good while I babysat.  Here are Max and Asher sharing their blankets while watching a movie.

Grandma had time to make breakfast for them before school and daycare--I used the handy dandy corn dog maker to cook breakfast sausages in pancake batter. YUM!!  Pancakes/sausages that are finger food to dip in syrup!  

2Rs and I met and did a little shopping, I bought 1 yd cuts of these reproduction fabrics, a pink paisley, a plum, and a teal.  

I can hardly wait for summer, Ken and I found this at Menards for $25--

A complete bird feeding station.  A 7ft pole with the five feeders you see.  It will need additional support (the small legs at the bottom will NOT hold 5 full feeders) so will use slim rounded electric fence posts pounded deep and secured with black duck tape.  Not a lot of duck tape, as the raccoons will try to climb it to reach the feeders, and if you use too much tape it makes toe holds for their feet.  I may try a PVC pipe around the pole to deter the climbing critters. There are always a few casualties to my bird feeders each year.  A little cooking--

Swedish meatballs in gravy over rice.  I put 4 baggies of large meatballs in the freezer.  6-8 meatballs (they were bigger than the ones above) will average 1# of meatballs.  

It has warmed up, I am almost thawed.  Spring is coming!!

Lori1R in South Dakota


Sara said...

I had to laugh about your weekly goals because I was just writing basically the same post today. LOL

Your Swedish meatballs look much like the ones I make. And I also serve them over rice quite often, although I do noodles sometimes too.

Unknown said...

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swooze said...

I laughed so hard. You’re talking about casualties then talking about cooking and its something small and round. Oh the thoughts!!

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