Thursday, July 27, 2017

Better Baby Pictures

The bunnies are growing like crazy!

They sleep oblivious to us silly humans peering in and taking pictures.  We are careful not to touch or disturb anything.  There are 5-6 babies in each nest.  They are right outside the VC doors in the flower pots--

We've never seen a mother in the pot with the babies, she must only come at night.   These pots are within five feet of the door but I suppose its a good hiding place from fox, coyotes etc.  A hawk or owl is unlikely to find them there either.  Another couple days and the older ones will be gone and I'd guess the other bunch will be gone in a week.

Not much sewing going on.  It was very hot on Tuesday and rained that evening.  Less than an inch but we'll take all we get.

~LORI in Nebraska~ 


Sara said...

Sweet babies and a clever mama bunny to hide them there away from predators. We seem to have a turkey family in our back yard this summer. Mama turkey parades those growing babies around the yard in the evenings. There is even 1 white turkey baby in there. But I'm never quick enough to get a decent picture.

Lori said...


Suzanne said...

Smart mommy bunny. We have a quail that lives in the flower bushes of a local city building. He seems to be all alone, but other creatures do not bother him.

Friday Update

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