Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Summer is the time for babies!

Nature is working overtime here!  I checked the birdhouse that has the latest set of babies in it--

I think there are three in this nest.  Hard to tell without really disrupting them.  I'll look again in a week, they should be bigger and easier to see them.

There are TWO sets of baby bunnies in the flowers pots outside the VC--

Hard to see but there must be at least five in this pile.  

Although I love the baby bunnies--I sure am aggravated when they chew the petunias and sweet peas off!

~LORI in Nebraska~ 

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QuiltinLibraryLady said...

We've got way too many baby bunnies around here. They like to chew the cantaloupe vines and squash vines. The squirrels are still chewing twigs of the pine trees to get at the cones. The wrens must be on their second batch. The squawky blackbirds/grackles have raised theirs and have been gone since earlier in the month. The wild kitty that the hubby had tamed by feeding her fish had kittens and now she's disappeared so now we're feeding the little ones.(I think the coyotes might have gotten her. They were real close to the house a few nights ago and woke me up. They were very excited--hunting) She was just starting to wean them so they at least know what solid food is. Last night they wolfed down every last morsel on their plate. This morning the little yellow one woke up hungry and his plate was empty so he sat outside the shed and cried loudly. He's figured out how to get what he wants even if he runs & hides as soon as he sees us. The little gray one is even more timid. I really didn't want any more cats after my last one died.

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