Monday, March 26, 2018

A Road Trip

Lorri2Rs came to my house on Tuesday the 13th.  She came to shop and sew bindings for me.  She sewed SEVEN bindings!  YEAH!!!  We planned to leave for Nebraska on Friday, but the weather was going to be ice/sleet/snow so we left on Thursday.  We did some shopping along the way and made it to Dee's Thursday night.  Friday we shopped Goodwill and generally did not much of anything!  Saturday we picked up Rita and headed to the International Quilt Museum in Lincoln NE.  It was National Quilting Day and St. Patrick's Day.  We donned all the green we could find!  

 We had lots of fun!  I especially enjoyed the Ken Burns exhibition--

Ken Burns has several blue/white quilts.  I love blue/white quilts, I just hate MAKING blue/white quilts!  These pictures prove I will not spontaneously combust from two color blue/white quilts!  There was a special workshop on string quilts--

We got home early and relaxed by doing hand sewing--

We admired an antique Appalacian quilt Dee inherited--

A blue/white quilt!  9 patches set on point.  It was gorgeous!  Dee has been cleaning her stash and a whole tote of treasures went home with us.  This is what I kept--

It will not go on my stash report, I only report fabric I pay for!  Thank you Dee, I know I can find something to use it in!

Did you do anything special for National Quilting Day?

~Lori in South Dakota~


Sara said...

What a fun road trip! I'm jealous!

sewspeciallady said...

W had so much fun. Wish we could do that every week:)

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