Sunday, January 7, 2018

Stash Report and Design Wall Monday/Goals

First my stash report--I bought a bunch of solids and two half jelly rolls on sale--

Do you use solids in your quilting?  So my stash report is--

Stash added this week--15 yds
Stash out this week--0

Stash is ahead 15 yards!

The borders for the Orange 30's project are on my design couch--

I need to mark the seam lines on the edges.  The borders have to fit exactly so the design continues around the quilt without a break.  Tedious and time consuming but not hard.

I've been playing with these fabrics--

Myra sent me some "boy" themed fabrics and I pulled others from my stash.  Horseshoes, baseballs, African Savannah, cowboys on horses, horse heads, tooled leather, and anything I thought blended with them.  Next I searched the scrap boxes--

Anything I found in the scrap box I thought might blend with the other fabrics.  I want to use them in this pattern--

Its a free pattern called Shuffle.  It uses 5x10" rectangles, perfect to use the boy fabric but leave the motifs as intact as possible. 

Weekly Goals--

Orange 30's borders
Press/cut the Shuffle fabrics
Scrap Irish Chain

That's enough for this week, its a busy week.  I'm linking to QuiltPaintCreate and Quilting is More Fun than Housework



Suzanne said...

I like the "Shuffle" pattern....thanks for sharing it with us.

Miaismine said...

Pretty pattern! You know, my daughter mentioned something to me about quilting with solids that I found wise. When we make quilts for loved ones, we put our hearts into them. Many times, however, they don't know the difference of a white on white or a solid white. So, this year I'm starting off using a Bella solid white as well as a cream. I also purchased solids in a rainbow of colors. Solids are more cost effective, thus I can gift more quilts.

I like that daughter is a smart cookie! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't use solids, but I use a lot of tone on tone that read solid. Love the border and look forward to seeing it on the quilt. Thanks for joining us.

Tired Teacher said...

You find the nicest quilt patterns. Thanks for sharing the link to Shuffle. .

I don't like to use solid fabrics: I think they tend to ravel more than other fabrics. I don't like all the loose strings in my sewing area.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

That quilt pattern is going to be perfect for your lovely pile of scraps. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

Katie Z. said...

Those are so lovely fabrics!

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