Friday, August 4, 2017

How does my garden grow?

How does my garden grow?  It GROWS well, but the rabbits and gophers eat it all!  Well, they didn't eat my zinnias, but they ate the morning glories, moonflowers, sweet peas, and petunias I'd planted.  But, if I plant them in pots I can put them on the picnic tables and usually the critters leave them alone. 

I will move these plants to the top of a picnic table just in case the rabbits and gophers see the developing fruits.  My tomatoes are okay yet, but will put more fence around them, the kind a rabbit cannot slip through and a gopher will have to climb over or dig under.  Hopefully they think its too much work for a tomato!

How is your garden this year?  

~Lori in Nebraska~


Sara said...

I decided not to plant anything but a few flowers this year. Usually I have tomatoes in pots. Even my flowers struggled through that heat wave. Right now the plants look good but are not blooming (geraniums and petunias). In spite of fertilizing and watering.

kathy said...

If it is not in a pot the gophers get it. This year they took down a maple tree that was about 7 years old. I have given up and think I will get another gopher cat. My last one defended my garden for 15 years and I never lost anything. Good luck beating the gophers

Suzanne said...

Our squash are multiplying faster than rabbits....but the corn and tomatoes have not done well. We have experienced a very warm-hot Summer this year....too hot for too many days. If I want to do any canning with tomatoes, I think I may have to buy them.

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