Saturday, August 12, 2017

Rainbow Scrappy Saturday-Anything Goes!

This week I worked on more Ritzy Cracker blocks--

I am SURE I cut parts for 20 blocks but there are only 18 here.  I will search for more later.  Please see what everyone is making at SoScrappy.

Do you make your blocks exactly the right size when you cut them?  I do not--if I am making HST I cut them a bit bigger and trim them later--

Just slivers from each block.  I have a crooked eye/crooked rotary cutter/crooked 1/4" foot on my sewing machine.  Pick any one of these excuses for why I like to square up my pieces!  

Today I am sewing with Lorri2Rs.  We are doing the mystery quilt at QT Mystery
called Which Way.  Here are the fabrics I'm using--

Lorri2Rs is using the same focus fabric, but is using a darker gold and a lime green for background.  Mine is using the white for background.  We are wondering how different our quilts will look?   

~Lori in Nebraska~


  1. Lovely fabrics! Do you have a link to Lorrie2Rs blog? I love your cracker blocks especially!

  2. Yes, I always cut a bit larger and trim HSTs as I am notorious for sewing smaller ones if I don't adjust the size.

  3. Friends joked that I was "shaving" my blocks. If that's what it takes to get things to go together nicely, I'm going to continue with that practice! Re: the quilt with Lorri2Rs, you are going to be amazed at how different the quilts will look when you are done. Have FUN!!!

  4. Your cracker blocks look great!

  5. Answer for Cathy- I do not have a blog. Maybe I should learn something new and try it. I run out of time everyday as it is. Lorri2R

  6. I should trim my blocks.. they would probably go together much easier! Enjoy the mystery quilt.

  7. That's going to be an interesting experiment - using the same focus fabric but different colors. I'm looking forward to seeing what you two do!

  8. Cute little cracker blocks! It will be interesting indeed to see the difference between the two mystery quilts.


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